Crazy crazy bud.... check it out

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ganjaguy420, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. aight, my boy got this bag of nug for 200, and i got him HOOKED UP, shit this is off the hook, check it out...

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  2. bear with me, im trying to figure this picture posting thing

    *NOTE* we weighed the big nug out and it weighed a 1/4 of and ounce!!!
    and sorry about the quality, we're stoners... the best cameras arent top priority to us...
  3. "put that in your pipe and smoke it"

    Hey thats our bud.... that shit was soo great:)
  4. more pictures...

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  5. yeah that is a quarter in the pics. that big bud was like 5 inch, and the others were like 2 inch or so. Yeah the pics suck cause my came is not the best.
  6. a quarter of good nugs is usually 100 where i live. 200 is really expensive
  7. that is more than a 1/4 there, he said the one big bud weighed a 1/4, that looks more like a half or a bit over to me.
  8. wait wait wait wait...i said u got the HOOKED UP for 200 for a q....WELL GOD DAMNT U GOT RIPED OFF!!!!!...i can get qs of dro for at lest 60 - sucks for u...peace....thanks.....MrSbb

  9. i dont think you got hooked up that much to be honest.. i mean, who pays over 10 a gram on a half O (or more).. i wouldnt even blaze if it was that expensive around here
  10. I understand...weed in Lancaster county is pretty damn expensive right now..we had a terrible schwag drought, and most people, like me, have been totally spoiled by nug and can't go back to ganjaguy, I pay the same as you do (probably the same weed too, since we live so close to each other :p )
  11. damn right... in lancaster the prices have been extremely high since the drought earlier this season... most people think that since there are all the farms and shit around here that its just overflowing everywhere, but thats wrong all the bud around here is imported from other citys... and 200 for that is a good deal... shit that big nug could be dropped for like... 90 dollars... so all you nay sayers, back off

  12. hey, maybe where you live things are a bit different.. but over here if someone offers you a quarter for $60 youre usually like "it better be some good fucking shit"

    you should grow man.. with those prices youd be fucking richie rich in no time

  13. it looks like triples.....

    but mine are way way way cheaper......

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  14. I second that.
  15. were do you live :) weed here is so god damn pricy i cant aford it anymore i'm atempting growing but i really dont want to grow its just the only way to smoke i'm thinking about growing shrooms seems alot quicker and easer
  16. I live sorta close to Landcaster i guess, i live in Pittsburgh, and that.. what did u say it was? Half an O? Still looks a little shaddy.. how much did u pay for it again? 100? Or did someone say 200... anyway... not only dont buy from that kid again, but shoot him in his face when u see him.
  17. people people people... look over here this shit is expensive, but its kick ass... and since from the posts apparently people are seemly busting out grams for like nothing and though i wish it was like that, its not here, and im happy with what i got... so peace.... i posted this about the kick ass bud and not the price...
  18. I feel ya ganjaguy... even tho i live in a city w/some pretty good prices [houston] It depends on who u kno and what not. Last weekend i paid 100 for a quarter of some really kick ass blueberry and it was a fat quarter. I know that some ppl get weed for lot cheaper but ya'll j/kno better hookups then the rest of us ppl who get ripped.
  19. u know i think it dont matter where u live. I think u can get good bud for a good price no matter where u at. As long as u know the right people. around here i knoe loser kids i can sell shit to for alot of money and thats what they buy. but i know the right people me and my friend get a special deal 60 for 8 grams of some raw haze thats alittle more then a quarter! then u make 16 bags that are 0.5 grams each and sell it for $10 and it sells easy that $100 profit.
  20. haha man u got ripped the fuck off man

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