crazy (but simple) things to do while high

Discussion in 'General' started by underoath31791, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ok so swim season ends in 2 weeks for me and im gunna get completely baked for the first time in 3 months once its all over. i already bought 1/4 of cali mist. what are some fun yet simple things i can do during this high. for example... i want to put like 3 whole packs of pop rocks in my mouth while im high just because i think it will be awesome. im also contemplating shoving a bunch of warheads in my mouth but i think i just might die if i do that haha.

    any other suggestions?
  2. Alot of people i know like to do a bunch of crazy shit like that when blazed but to me, their is nothing better than blazing up, getting some ihop, blasting some kill beats, and cruising around the city with my bros. That is just me though..
  3. go swimming lol

    i havent done it but i cant wait to try
  4. You've got it on lock;)

    Whether it be Denny's Ihop Vietnamese soup cuisine, as long as you have some money left over whatever you buy will be the best meal ever:smoke:

    I do the same thing with my homies, cruise around bumping an all Alpine system.
  5. Talk a walk, take a hike, ride a bike, take a drive (best if you have a convertible), pick up some hookers, or get some good food. Or do all of those.

    These are all simple things you can do, but not crazy. Doesn't need to be crazy to be fun.
  6. fuckin go to a planetarium! They're sweeeeet. If you get really baked and go in one, you will trip balls
  7. buy some nice glasses and try to pick up chicks. good times.
  8. I watched Coroline in 3D, only problem was the movie was no good, and my friend provided us with shit weed, plus it was hard to find a place to smoke in downtown of the place I live in on a Saturday night....
  9. Long time ago we had a food fight (dry foods like chips) in the yard, it was a blast.
  10. I am thinking way more simplistic. Brushing my teeth is fucking insane when I am high. Same with taking a trip to your local mall and people watching. Just trust your brain!
  11. Do all the same things you do sober that are fun?
  12. Nothing like sitting back and just enjoying some music to me. The first time I heard How Many More Times by Led Zeppelin stoned was like a religious experience.

    Also, whoever said brushing your teeth, spot on! Feels so weird and cool at the same time lol.
  13. go to a water park its the shit
  14. watch alice in wonderland, disneys animated veersion. trippiest movie ever and soooo much fun to watch.

    or just:smoke: to some lil wayne beats
  15. watch the yellow submarine
    start a bonfire
    play any musical instrument
    discuss current events?
  16. Buy a cracker and a shitload of nitrous bulbs.
  17. The best thing to do when baked is drive (but only if its safe ;))
  18. going for a car ride while listening to music is so much fun i feel like im in a spaceship lol or the back to the future car
  20. I had a really good answer but i lost it:smoking:

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