Crazy Bad Shroom Trip

Discussion in 'General' started by AggieSmoker, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. If any of you live near Austin you may have already heard this story....

    On Friday night I went to party where alot of weed smoking was going on and drinking. There was a pretty cool dealer there who was trying to get me to buy some shrooms. I didnt have the money so he let me smoke all the shake I wanted for free. I got a nice healthy buzz from all that and we decided to leave around 12AM.

    We were all hungry, go figure, so we went to Taco Cabana. Sometime during our meal there a whole bunch of cops and ambulances sped past.

    I got back to my truck around 1AM and was gonna call it a night. Right as I was climbing into my truck I got a call from one of my friends who was ata different party in Austin.

    He told me that he was sitting on the back porch of thsi house drinking beer when all of a sudden people started running out of the house and into the woods. Since my friend is underage, he thought it was the cops and grabbed his cooler and started running too. Somewhere along the way he put donw his cooler so he could run faster. He got to his truck and started following a buddy they ended up at a grocery store not to far away.

    When he got to the store he got out of his truck to see what was going on. When he approached his friends car he noticed that someone in the front was holding a wadded up shirt against his chest. The guy said he got stabbed numerous times and there were people in the back seat who also got stabbed. Just then the ambulance(the ones we saw while eating) arrived and rushed 7 people to the hispital for stab wounds.

    The next day my friend piced together the story by talking to other people and figured out that some guy came to the party after taking 6 grams of shrooms and started stabbing people because he thought it was a haloween prank. They finally subdued hima nd he was arrested later. All of the people survived but one girl is in critical condition because she was stabbed in the stomach and lungs.

    I know this doesnt happen with many people and I am not ragging on shrooms at all, after all if I had the money, I would have been tripping. I just know that If I were at that party the kid would have not only been subdued but dead.
  2. thats fucked up there, oh well, he should just learn to pace himself with shrooms.
  3. That is a horrible story... I hope everyone is ok..

    Proves that you have to have control of your mind to be doing shrooms or acid. Not drugs for a person with a weak mindset...
  4. Interesting read. I enjoyed it. Sucks for those people getting stabbed. Halloween prank?? wtf??
  5. If he ever gets out of jail for Attempted Murder,Herrasment,Elligal Narcatics, posetion of a weapon, and a few other things i cant remember i would sugjest a little friendly get to gether like maybe you and a few friends get my point yet?.... people that do stupid shit like that deserve a good ass whoopin
  6. Know your Body - Know your Mind - Know your Substance - Know your Source.

    from erowid

    also, yeah, if i would have been at that party, my friend would have probobly been there too, and he has a gun, so he wudda shot or at least pistol whipped that fucker
  7. yea im friends with the guy who went to the party. he had to help his friend clean the blood out of his truck the next day. but good thing is hes goin away for a long time. hes lucky that nobody killed him, i would have killed him.

  8. My brain hurts...

    I'm hesitant to take shrooms and acid for that particular reason. I'm not sure how my mind would react to it (I doubt I'd take 6 people w/ a dagger, but nevertheless I could get freaked out). I don't belive there's such thing as a "weak mindset" when it comes to taking drugs. If you've got enough drug in ya, it'll change your brain's mind.
  9. It's all about being ready and prepared to do any psychedelic. If you have three important things covered for your trip: set, setting, and understanding, you can almost be guaranteed a good trip. Set refers to a person's mindset going into the trip. it's best to be in a happy, good mood before tripping as this will be the most comfortable state for your brain to be disoriented in. Setting is the surrounding or environment in which a person trips. An important setting to place oneself in is a place which is familiar and comfortable to the psychonaut, for shrooms, i would suggest an outdoor setting, like a park or hiking trail that the person has been to before. preferable with the least amount of people possible.(obviously the person who stabbed everyone was not in a good setting to trip) another part of setting is having a close friend with you, or a trip sitter, who is aware you have taken a drug, and can be there if something were to go wrong. Lastly, it is important to have an understanding of what the drug is capable of. I know various people who will never touch shrooms or acid again because of there knowlege of the drug before hand, or their lack there-of. you need to know how the drug is going to affect you so you can differentiate between real and what the drug is causing you to percieve. if you have these things, your trip should be very smooth.

    lol just realized how old this thread is after i typed that friggin paragraph
  10. This may be an old thread but thanks for bumping it up, its amazing to see what someone can do when under the influence...
  11. I live in Austin and I heard about that. That's pretty crazy.
  12. It's one thing to stab a bunch of people... shit happens all the time. But giving shrooms a bad name... what a fucking bastard. I've tripped plenty more than that and NEVER even considered doing something of violent nature. In fact... everytime I take large amounts I kind of want to isolate myself... like not be away from people but no touching or lots of action or anything. At lower doses I like a good "lean"... you sit next to sombody on the couch trippin balls and you just kind of... leaaan.

    But the point is: It was a fucked up kid... shit like that doesn't come out of no where. If you're a peaceful person... you're not gonna go around fucking shit up when you're trippin balls. It brings out the truth in you... not some unrealistic horror story.
  13. Yeah man, thanks for the bump I enjoyed reading it and it caused me to learn how shrooms can fuck you up haha.
  14. Heard of a similar story with acid in a drug talk in grade 5.
  15. The person was probally violent from the get go. Who brings a knife under the influnce of almost a quarter of shrooms to begin with? Theres no such thing as an 'evil' drug. (Less somebody put a bad cut or something but still, thats a person not a drug.

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