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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Crazy Backyard Wrestling[/ame]
  2. Hm well I really was not going to reply to this thread...but after watching that vid...I will,

    DAM:( ..that was messed...the cheese grater ahah
    fuckin hillbilly wrestling man kinda looked liek a frat house
  3. hahahaha really who thinks to use a cheese grater to cheese grate a forehead hahahahaha
  4. Who does that shit in their back yard? Seriously.
  5. reminds me of the video game they had like this.

    crazy fools
  6. I watched two minutes and got bored

    Crazy rednecks

    Wonder how drunk they were
  7. now thats classy lol
  8. Imagine being their neighbors :eek:
  9. God bless America.

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