Crazy ass story that just happened.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by IllaDead, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Okay idk if it's a coincidence or not but tonight I was actually sitting down on the computer to grass city and was going to make a thread about something that happened earlier to me today. I was kinda bummed out because it wasn't a sick story like some of the ones on here - it was just funny as hell, i put a phone in my refridgeator by accident. haha. Well as soon as I wrote the title (changed btw) I hear this huge ass crack outside. Now, I was and still am high, so I freaked the fuck up and jumped to the window thinking a tree or something had fallen on my house. While after about 5 minutes of looking out my window trying to figure out what was going on I realized that the telephone pole on the corner of my yard was cracked completely in half and there was like a truck on fire outside. So I, blazed as fuck, proceeded to grab the phone and call 911. They said they'd be on their way immediately so I sat by my window looking at the crash. It's snowing pretty hard out so the car was hard to make out in the distance. Pretty soon the ambulance had come and they took the woman who had hit the pole away. She wasn't badly injured, I don't think. After they took her away and began to proceed to clean up the crash, two of the fine officers decided to ask me a few questions about what had exactly happened. It was hilarious, I just nodded my head up and down while the guys stared into my bloodshot eyes. Also I was wearing a shirt that I had picked up on my trip to Amsterdam that says, "Amsterdam loves Hemp" and one of the cops pointed at it and goes, "Real Funny, mister." Since I was high at first I thought he was just complementing my shirt so I was like, "Oh, thanks a lot man."

    So thats my story. I hope you guys thought it was funny and could understand it alright. heh - Peace :smoke:
  2. +rep bro for saving a person's life, i'm surprised your power didn't strike out.

  3. Thanks man. Yeah, I'm surprised our power hasn't gone out yet too. They told us that it would cut in like a half hour or something. Peace :smoke:
  4. one of the best stories on these forums, so blazed right now that was great
  5. Sounds like the Oregon Police have their priorities straight.

  6. Hell Yeah! Decrim all the way.
  7. Why women shouldnt drive
  8. Great first post!!!
  9. hahaha "yea man i love this shirt, thanks for the compliment!"
  10. Oregon is fucking awesome like that.:smoke:
  11. damn nice man bet that was a funn conversation while baked hahahaha :smoking:

  12. yeah, it was hilarious. especially the thing about my shirt because at the time i really thought he was complimenting me. :smoking:
  13. Best story ive read all day
  14. Good job, you may have saved a life.
  15. hahaha hell ya man i had almost something like that happen i got fucked up one Saturday night and wore a i always choose a fatty t-shirt to church on sunday holy shit you should have seen the peoples faces :bongin:
  16. haha ive had shit like that happen.... one time it was in the middle of the summer and we were at my friend paul and steves house and we were ripping bong in the jacuzzi and we just see mad flashing lights right outsdie his house so we go hide all the shit and run inside

    turns out the old guy across the street had a heart attack and it was just the cops and ambulance coming to pick them up

    we watched them bring him out and everything adn we were just munching down in the house with the lights out and watching it go down... pretty fucked up but we found out that he was okay like a week later

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