crazy ass stories.

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  1. a few weeks ago me and my friend smoked this watermelon flavored joint that he got from his brother but we didnt know what it was til later and it turned out to be laced with pcp haha so this is how it went down:
    we did a wake and bake so he came over at like 8 a.m. and we went in my weedhouse (treehouse) and he had about a dub of some great dro and that strange joint and we started off with the joint which we smoked in no time at all and finished it off with like 10 or 12 massive ass bowls of the dro and after about the 10th bowl i went completely numb and started laughing uncontrollably and it started to hurt and like a few secs. after that he managed to stop laughing long enough to say wed been laughing for 45 minutes straight and it turned out to be only 7.
    haha which made me laugh more until the walls started melting and i saw words in the plywood but they would melt away when i stared at them, then we got back in my bedroom and i absolutely fucking flipped my lid cuz the walls starting yelling at me and the tv was staring at me and i felt like the carpet was eating my skin so i curled up in the corner and screamed nonstop for 2 hours straight while my friend sat on the floor eating doritos and giggling to himself and after i had finished tweaking out i got up and drank like 5 mountain dews and then we just passed out until like 4 and then he left.

    haha another time i did this dro that was coke laced and some other shit i didnt know what it was so it probly was horribly bad haha. it started off with me smokin like 9 bowls of it and i started shaking and bouncing on the couch and laughin uncontrollably and then i went inside the garage and i thought this vice thing looked really cool so i put my arm in it and just kept crushing my arm until my friends managed to stop me and i had gotten it about to this: l l which was incredible haha and i didnt feel a thing.
    was being too loud so my friend came out without a shirt on and i though he was a skeleton and he hit me a few times and i thought i died. a little while after that it felt like the floor ran away from me and i thought i was floating so i went in the bedroom and laid down with a blanket and my friends told me that i was talking to the blanket for about 20 minutes and i do not remember that.
    hey told me i was talking about dreams and then i guess i went completely psycho and started flailing around and kicking everything and screaming and then they held me down and i went into a coma like state and sat there on the ground shaking and the world i was in was amazing. everything was white and glowing and i felt like i was just energy floating and they said when i regained consciousness that my eyes were flicking back and forth as i sat there on the ground shaking. after that i had to walk home about a mile and i felt the stars shooting down at me so i had to sit on the ground and scream for about a half hour before i could finish my walk. when i got back i passed right out and didnt remember much the next day.

    and my last story, i had a party at my house and got smashed off my ass because i had about a bottle and a half of uv pink and blue put together and this girl puked all over my floor and her parents had to come get her and it was just bad so just to forget about it i decided to get blazed outta my mind so me and my friends smoked about a dub and a dime of that same dro that was laced with some crazy shit and after that i drank the bong water because we were using white tea and it tasted so good i just downed the whole thing and let me tell you, it was the fuckin best shit ever. i laughed so hard i could not stand so i had to lay on the ground and spin in circles while i laughed and i had no idea what was going on and i kept seeing things dart away from me and i got freaked outta my mind and we went back inside and it felt like my hands disappeared so i was trying to touch everything to see if they were still there and after that i passed out and dont remember anything.

    haha hope this made you laugh
  2. Wow. Great stories. You must be the coolest person to ever exist.

    *edit* I am usually good with sarcasm but I am just not sure on this one.

  3. Did he ever say he was the coolest person? No, he was just telling stories so chill the fuck out.
  4. I may have overreacted but when people tell these crazy over the top stories that obviously never happened it gets under my skin.
  5. You coulda just went to general with these. You shoulda said "crazy pcp stories" cuz I just wasted my time reading this.
  6. Was it confirmed that it was laced? Because it just sounds like you got really blazed.
  7. no one laces shit, thats like buying a honda and them tossing in an aston martin engine... just think about it... better product for less price? seriously, grow up
    come back when your 18+

  8. ...except pcp is cheaper than herb and 80% of the bud you get off the street (not from a friend or clinic) is laced with pcp. maybe not coke but definitely pcp..
  9. What!? Are you crazy? 80%!? No way, man. Then people would be dying from smoking too much weed.
  10. First of all, you my man are fucking retarted if you actually believe that!

    secondly, tehbongwater, their is enough bullshit on the internet already, we don't need your clearly untrue or extremely exaggerated stories. grow up man:(
  11. I still laughed, maybe you need to grow up for flameing people fro stupid shit, if you dont liek it then you can shut the fuck up.
  12. dude why are you guys all arguing over a few stories someone posted. just grab ur bud and bong and chillllll out
  13. I actually don't find it funny to hear that people smoked laced weed without knowing. Laced weed kinda takes the fun out of smoking pot. I mean, did you have ANY fun? Doesn't sound like it. And I wouldn't have wanted to be there to take care of you either. I'm sorry if i sound like a jerk, and I'm glad you're sharing your experiences, but I like the calm, relaxing feeling that pot gives you, and it seems laced weed gives you the complete opposite experience. And its also dangerous. You could OD on that. Not cool.

    Maybe I'm just too old for this board.
  14. It doesn't matter if the drug is cheaper or not cheaper than bud. If it cost one penny, and they put it in a dime worth of weed, the price would be 10 dollars and a penny. You are still adding value. I have picked up several bags of weed, probably more than I can count and never once was my weed laced with ANYTHING.

    Unless they market the bud as "really good," which in that case you might get screwed. Of course, you should be able to tell if it is good or not.
  15. looks like amsterdamalex got a new screen name.
  16. guys im not makin shit up or exaggerating at all and yeah my frends brother gave it to us cuz he owed him money or somethin and he told us there was something in it mostlikely pcp so it was laced. and the other stuff i smoked had some little blue round things in it and it definetly wasnt plain weed cuz when i smoke plain weed i just laugh alot, normally the walls arent yelling at me and melting. sorry if you dont believe me but hey thats your problem

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