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Crazy ass purp

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by flasmoke, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Some exclusive
    no idea on strain, super heavy indica, fruity yet mildish taste. smells just like fruity pebbles.
    280 an o

    edit: oh and it's homegrown, grown here in north florida!

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  2. I've never smelled that cereal before so you lost me there but it does look like some bomb weed. Did you pick up the O or is that just the price

    Edit: I didn't see you got it in Florida. Makes me proud! Where are you located
  3. I had a strain in Houston the other day called fruity pebbles
  4. Nice exotic looking dank shit ya got there man.

    Enjoy it!
  5. something i'd pay 280 a zip for .
  6. [quote name='"icyhot"']something i'd pay 280 a zip for .[/quote]

    Lol nice first post

  7. Northern Florida! Jacksonville to be specific.

    Believe me I did! Smoked a half in about a 6 hour mw3/skyrim/smoke sesh with my best friend. one bong, plenty of joints.
  8. chronic purps... 10/g pricing is the way it should be. Max ill go is 300/oz... and it has to be flaming :smoke:
  9. 280 an OZ ?!?!?!!?!?!?!? Here in NY it's 500-550 and OZ. Where you from?

    If i could get a price like that i'd prob end up buying lbs worth, jeeeeeeeeezzzzz
  10. uh..... no its not, I live on LI, ~360$ an ounce for dank for me... just gotta find a better dealer brah.

    looks dank OP, enjoy the thanksgiving weekend yo :bongin: im on some nice GDP right now :smoking:
  11. #11 Snowman00, Nov 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 24, 2011
    where in LI you live?


  12. 360 a zip around me is impossible to find, let alone they'll short you.
  13. Nice dank purps ya got there OP....

    :cool: $200 zips over on the West Coast :bongin:

    Happy Tofurkey Day! :D :wave:
  14. $500... for 28g. You gotta be kidding right? i get 56g for $450... $480 delivered. Glad to be living in a legit medical state. Used to be $350-400 for 2 oz... stupid mmj laws changed on us this year causing everyone to raise prices.
  15. ahhhhhhh medical state, im so serious when i say 500$ for something like 27.4 it's good but not worth the price. And delivery? They'll laugh in your face because they are to lazy making more profit selling their .7's for 20 dollars.

  16. damn that sucks, just find a really cool dude and keep him. I am friends with my dealer now so he been hooking me up with better and better prices.

    LI prices are insane though, theres a huge street tax, i know people that have gotten O's for under 300$ of dank.

    just gotta keep going down the line.

    my guy goes to the guy that supplies my whole town pretty much...
  17. yeah i dont get it delivered often... only reason he delivered me it was because he was picking up his cousin @ the airport in my city. He lives in another city 130 miles (1.5-2hour drive) away... im making a trip to him tomorrow to pick up a couple oscars. Anything under 60g in Montana is a misdemeanor... over 60g gets you a felony. Trying not to roll too dirty haha. :eek:
  18. If it smells like fruity pebbles its probably GDP. That what all my Granddaddy smells like :smoke: Happy thanksgiving and happy tokin on them buds!!
  19. I'd proly pay 230$ for a zip of that garbage.

    jk ahhahahaha that smoke looks decadent ;)

    IMHO- Looks like Grape Ape to me, bud formation/structure, color/hair color, etc
    does it smell skunky with hints of grapes?
  20. Haha pretty impossible to find a chill dude, most of these kids are full of themselves. prayyyyyyy for me haha.

    and you know the cops round here are some douche bags.

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