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  1. I know theres the official cop story and I just got caught threads but I figured this one deserved a thread of its own. I am fully prepared to be flamed and not believed so here we go...

    Background information:
    I am 5' 8" 160 not in bad shape but not brolic or really intimidating.
    T is 6' 5" 270 huge as hell and crazed always gets in fights.
    J is the good samaritan 5' 11" 180 in good shape

    So its a regular night around our way. Me T and J just chilling. No plans. This was Tuesday night btw. So we're just hanging out when we decide to pick up. We're all big ballers, so we cop a dime bag. Thats a $10,000 bag around our way. We all split the price. Go back to my crib and start blazing and weighing it out to split up.

    So were hitting my bongs blazing up watching scarface. Some unmentionables start coming out. Know I cant talk about them but just so you can get our mindsets down. So we're just smacked. Eventually we decide we gotta grub up so we decide to go to the country club for a little five course.

    We hop in yours truly's g'd up escalade and head out. You know we were smacked so we brought two bongs in the whip. Stop at this bitch's crib to pick up bitch's cuhz why go out if you aint going out with bitches? So now its me T, J, and 5 bitches. Were all hitting the bong while driving to get the five course. When the night takes a turn for the worst.

    All i can see is red and blue. We getting pulled over. Me and J in the front btw. J is about to be in the police academy and is a really good influence. He said to just be as cooperative and polite as I could. I said fuck that, and proceeded to show him how real g's ball out. He starts tearing up od shook cuhz he knows whats about to come and he doesnt want his life to get fucked up because of me. But I know what im doing...

    So I go to pull over start slowing up on the shoulder then DIP IT. No way the cop had the license plate at this point. Im like yo T you know what it is get the choppa. He smacks one of the bitches off his dick and gets out the choppa. Putting in work spraying back at the cop car. Idk who saw or what as far as other cars/bystanders. So J's crying, im tryna drive as good as I can, T got the choppa, and all the bitches are going nuts freaking out and shit. I realize were really about to have to get it popping though so I show em how real gz ride out. They wanna call more back up, so so do i.

    5 cop cars on me but you know the kid got the underground connects. Hit up my boys in the racing circuit. Before cops knew it 5-10 suped up street racing whips on their ass. You think thats bad I had my *****s come in on the ninja street bikes too. About six of em. They all got the choppas. Mowing down the feds. All i know is one second there were 5 whips behind me, next thing we in the clear. You know the squad handled it.

    So we get to the country club have that 5 course. Dumb good. We were all still so smacked, had plenty more to smoke, and had mad adrenaline. We basically having a blast, home free.

    So on the way home you know we all still blazing cuhz thats what real *****s do. So we on the way back and im getting pulled over AGAIN. Random cop

    So im like iight ive had enough for one day Ill just pull over. Then i realize wait, real g's aint go out like this. I got the .44 tucked in the center console. Cop gets to the window. Pop pop, he on the flo. T gets the choppa out sprays at the pig whip and the partner. You know he down. I figured they mustve got my plates so I take em off and go to a parking lot on the way home to steal some new ones. Real g's shit. You know Ill get legit ones from my mechanic connect soon, but these gucci for now. So finally get home, me, J, T, and four bitches still. I gave 2 of them to the homies and had my threesome. Smoked one last bleezy and hit the sack.

    So yeah, we really about it out here. Believe me if you want i dont really care. Posting it on the internet cuhz I got so many connects they still cant fucks with the kid. So wddup
  2. damn you such a gangsta

  3. i stopped when i got to this part
  4. Keep reading bro thats basically when it starts
  5. Shit was pretty hilarious hahaha :laughing: Actually made it through the whole read.
  6. hes from new all makes sense now...they all think they are "BIG BALLERS"

    i think someone had a bad dream....
  7. That was actually pretty funny.
  8. what a gangsta ass muhfucka. you're based as fuck. Lil B would be proud. now someone pleeeeeeeaaaaseee swag this guy out right now. RIGHT NOW!
  9. I have a hella funny sense of humor (Ask anybody on this site) but this was the lamest attempt at making a funny story I have EVER seen. Your fucking pathetic. If I could -rep you I would. Sorry, you are NOT funny. You FAIL!
  10. crazy. if true you are definatly not in the home will get life in prison

    interesting read
  11. ^I usually wouldnt be offended but I'd rather read my TRUE g-status story than your bitching and moaning daily, shiiiiet

    EDIT: Sorry, this was to norcal piff
  12. And nah they cant catch the kid plus I pay off the police sheriff and 85% of the seargents of my areas police so they really cant do nothing. Evidence just conveniently disappears for the god you heard
  13. whoa man
  14. Jesus fucking christ....
  15. Someone's been playing too much gta
  16. Guys, this is Malibu's Most Wanted 2.

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