crazy ass night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by D-Loc420, May 16, 2002.

  1. ok let me tell yaz of this crazy ass story that happend to me last Fri. night.

    Ok i got home from work and had to go pick up sum herbage from my guy (let's call him Noize) well i call him up and tell him i want 3 dimes he only sells in dimes so i meet him and my friends calls and said to get more and he'll pay me cuz he can't find any around his neighborhood, so i was like can i get 7 and he's like hop in gotta drive to my truck, we were with his girlfriend in her car, so we were driving to his truck smoking this FAT blunt so we get there and get in his truck and he gets me the 7 dimes and was like let's roll a blunt and i'll give you this nick for free and i was like ok, so we were smoking that and he said you don't mind if me and the girl have sex and i was like i don't mind as long as you arn't too long and he was like naw we're not gonna be long at all so i thought they were gonna go in the house to have sex cuz we were parked at his girlfriends house but they do it right beside me in his truck he's got a big black suburban and i was just sittin' there puffin' on a blunt and they were fuckin' right beside me i could see her feet braced against the roof and she was freakin' (making sex noizes) and i was just sitting there hittin' that blunt trying to focus on his trippy ass CD player it's got graphics and shit then at one point he flipped on the light and said them are sum nice titties arn't they and you know had to look over then and i was like yeah they look just fine, so they finsh up and he drops me back by house, but to end it Noize had sex with his girlfriend right beside sum guy that he really doesn't know that well, and he didn't even mind, but i was FUCKED UP so it didn't bother me but it was a wierd night but i'v got insomnia right now and no weed so i'll let yaz go so i can try to go to sleep.

    PEACE OUT!!!
  2. DAMN! Herb and a live sex show!! Some guys would pay Big Bucks for that!! Lmao :D: :smoking:
  3. i dont know about big bucks though...
    30 bucks for a sex show in pink elefant in amsterdam
    19 bucks for a phat bag of white widow in some cooffee shop
    feeling like you watching a movie and its not really happening to you-priceless hehehehe
  4. lmao, well put.
  5. .. what the fuck? haha
  6. OP totally should've said

  7. Almost a 9 year bump.. congrats? :confused_2:
  8. omg How did I not notice that
  9. epic bump is epic
  10. looooooooooooool i just choked on my food
  11. I thought i was the only one who had this happen to him.. Small world i guess :smoke:
  12. holy fuck!
  13. Just thought I'd bump this....uhhh ya.
  14. lol. im glad u bumped this! good story. i hope to experience this sometime in my life.

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