crazy ass night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tman09, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, thought i tell you about this crazy ass night i just had.. well its continuing seeing as im still baked...

    So, my friend calls me up about an hr after school got out and hes like "wanna go smoke?" and im like "hell yeah lets do this" so i tell my mom i went to play ping-pong at his house, and we went to this local park near my house and parked behind the bathrooms so no one can see from the road..

    So we park and he gets the weed out, pack the one hitter about 3 times and were doing pretty good.. then his car flickers, goes normal, then just fucking dies right there lol.. so were like shit, we're fucked.. so for good measure ya know we just sparked another one hitter lol. Then we call another friend and he comes after about 10min of waiting and we try to jump the car.. so they get the cables and we get the set in the other friends car, and i was holding the other end.. but i didnt know i was letting the two ends touch.. so sparks fly and all hell brakes loose rofl.

    We finaly ended up jumping it and it made it about 100 feet and my friend was like "fuck it im letting my parents know.. now that im not in the obvious smoking spot"

    so i was taken home and just been chillin lol

    it was insane

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