crazy ass mass shroom trip

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  1. So the night started out at the carnival drinking, we were all jus chillin smokin out at the carnival and shit. We see some kid get into a fight and then go to my friend's house where there is like 10-15 people. We kick like 3 people out that aren't tripping with us and go on to make our shroom tea.

    ok so this is going to be a fun night, right? Hell yeah, after we all take our shrooms we all run down the beach to the park at like 1 am feeling the trip come on. At the park there is alot of people everywhere jus trippin out, on the playground, on the beach, chillin in the cut. OUT OF NOWHERE another 15 people show up, and we're all bugging ass at the beach and now its like 1:30, 2 AM. the 15 people i cant even tell if they're tripping or they're just really wasted it was really weird we werent expecting to see anyone at the beach at 2 am.

    so heres the first funny ass part of his trip, my friend walks back down the beach to our beach, drives his car, opens the gate to the beach we are chillin in drives his car in and he yells COPS and he starts running WITH us. ahahahhaha

    ok so all of the trippin people meet up back down at the beach and we walk back to our beach and then to my friends garage. At this point its about 3 am

    Me and my friend decided it would be fun to black out the entire garage, so we blocked all of the windows off. I found some glow in the dark beebees that i left at his house and i threw them all over the shed. WOW this is where i really started buggin ass. The entire ground looked like you were stepping on stars, we had people that werent even tripping who were bugging out because of this.

    so after about a hour and a half we all get tired of sitting in the garage in the dark LOL
    so half of us walk down to the beach half of us are still chillin in the garage.

    now heres some fucked up shit

    while me and my boys were sitting at the beach throwin rocks in the water and shit, buggin ass lookin at the water the connection who we get weed from rolls down to the beach at like 4:30 in the mornin COKED THE FUCK OUT and he goes in my friends house where his little brother is tripping, and the big brother is sittin in his room about to go to sleep. He was yellin and screaming and shit coming down off of coke trying to buy back a bag of weed, if my friends were sober he would have been shot

    THEN at 5 AM my friend's little sister is fucking on the bench wide open right infront of her brother with a dude who is like 10 years older than her. Luckily my friend didnt kill him, and his little sister.

    all in all after all of the drama and shit it was one of the best nights that i've had in a while.

    i was like fuck this shit im outta here this shit is too much lol
  2. i think i started tripping balls just reading that. sounds like a great night
  3. Sounds pretty good... minus all the... well, crazy shit. Crazy coked out dealers...

    How much did you guys all take?
  4. we all took about 3 grams each a couple of people took like 5 gs but it wasnt even needed unless you wanted to be really out there. My friends little brother ate 1.5 g's of the shake we had left and bugged ass
  5. crazy man, but that shit sounded fun.

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