Crazy Ass Friday Night.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JRilla, Jan 23, 2005.

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  1. I copied and pasted this at another forum I visit, so thats why there are curses stared out. This was my little adventure on Friday night, here it goes.

    Let me just say this. Friday night, I went to hell and back.

    Lets start off by after school.

    Im hanging out with some freinds and **** , and we take a walk to the local Rite Aid. Me and my freind each buy a bottle of Robitussin Cough Gels. Take them once we leave the store, and start to walk home. So me and my freind are back home, and we are starting to feel ****ed up. My other freind is with us, sober, just waiting for the weed we are going to get, and the kickass party we are going to be going to that night.

    So, my freind comes by, and smokes us up on a blunt. Me and my freind are stoned, and ****ed up off of robo, and my other freind is just stoned.

    We go back to my house, and we decide to go to the mall to kill some time and **** . We get there, and we are ****ed up. We meet up with some freinds who were there, and hang out. We are there for like an hour or two, and my freinds picks us 3 up, to go smoke. We leave the mall, pick up 5 grams of dro, and head over to my freinds job, cause we were gonna smoke with his freind, cause she was getting out of work.

    We park in the back parking lot, and smoke. When we are done, the car doesnt start. Its freezing out, we need to get to a party, and the car will not start. We try for an hour to get this piece of crap to start, but its not happening. So, my freind calls up his freind, cause we needed to pop start it or what ever. So he comes with his Wrangler, and he goes from behind, and pushes us till we are at like 15mph. Boom, the car is in action.

    We leave there, and go pick up another freind of ours. Finaly, we are heading to the party. This is where it goes all down hill.

    We are driving, and the car is working fine. All of a sudden, the head lights dont work, the signels are not working. We are driving down the road, with no lights at all. Now, my freind thinks the party is in Becan. Its realy in Fishkill. We are right now about 20 min away from the party, driving with no lights, and we are all high. He stops the car on this road, and the car wont start up again. We are stranded, in the freezing cold, in this car. My freind calls up someone at the party, asking how far it is from where we are. Still this whole time, my freind thought the party was right near where we were. The kid tells him its near All Sport in Fishkill. We are a good 20 min away about.

    We are in this car for a good 1 hour and 45 min. We are calling up so many people, trying to get out of here. My freind didnt want to call a tow truck or anything. We couldnt call a cab cause we had no money. So..we call up one of our drug dealers. We tell him what happened, and he comes through at like 1 in the morning to pick us up. 5 of us had to fit in his tiny ass car. I got front seat, oh yea! :D

    Anyway, he drives to the All Sport, and we smoke him up on a fat 3 gramer blunt. He leaves, and we are at All Sport waiting for someone at the party to pick us up and bring us there.

    Finaly, someone comes. Again, the 5 of us fit in a samll ass car. Its the kid with the Jeep Wrangler, the one who helped us last time.

    We get to the party, and we just chill the rest of the night. I drank like 12 beers, and 3 of my other freinds who were with us drank a good 10 - 14 each. We were ****ing trashed.

    So, its like 5:30 am, and everyone is starting to leave. We are in Fishkill, and we need to get to Poughkeepsie, which is like another 20 min away. We have no way of getting there, cause evryone is either sleeping, or drunk off there ass. So one of the girls who is sleeping wakes up, and drove me and one of my freinds home. At the party, was one of my freinds sisters (Not any of the freind who were with me). Im mad cool with her, so she drove my other freinds home. She was a bit drunk, but she was able to drive.

    We get back to my freinds house at like 5:45-5:50, and we pass the **** out.

    I woke up at like 9, my head was killing me, and I just thought back the previous night. We went through hell to get to that party, but we got there.

    Right now, my freinds car is still in the same spot, covered in over a foot of snow.
  2. Haha nice story. DXM mixed with alcohol is bad news. Oh well at least you had fun while I sat here at home doing nothing.
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