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Crazy ass Dogs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. My male dog has been on a rampage lately. He growls non-stop, excessively aggressive, biting, snapping, and all-around bad behavour. He's a Australian cattle dog (hmm Ozzie blood =crazy critter????) and only weighs in at 30 lbs, but he has had me scared of him for a week. I am always the Top Dog in our pack but for a couple of weeks he has been challenging me at every opportunity.

    Then all of a sudden it stopped today.


    My female went into heat with the full moon and Big Hank has been pouring the coals to her every time she gets up off the ground and wants to walk around. Since then, he's been the sweet tempered savage beats that he usually is.

    That's my boy!!!!
  2. LMAO BPP!!!

    Hehe, I guess that sex is truely the cure all huh?

  3. Did you not read my last line??

    "That's my boy!!" he's just a chip off the old block, no denial from me.

    Now are you any different. :)
  4. Kinda the same here. mine haven't been trying to bite, but has been a little on the possesive side lately. He wouldn't let any of us pet the female.

    Yesterday when I was going to the truck to go to work, he was laying on the females back. He has also been cracking the female a couple times an hour for about four days.......

    That does sound like critter doesn't it? LMAO
  5. I have a seven month old male, and the dog across the street from me is in heat. ( My female is fixed. ) He don't know whats goin on. LOL... He walks around humping. He isn't humping anything, just humping. And the whole time he has this look on his face that's sayin "What in the HELL am I DOING?!?!?!"

  6. I knew I would like you!!!! That was funny as FUCK!!


  7. HahahahahahahahahahahahROTFLMFAO!!!!!

    LOOK OUT FIFI critters on the hunt!!!
  8. My dog humps his blanket. He's almost 4 and still has his puppy balls but if he's ever done the doggy deed then I don't know about it and don't want to. He'll drag his blankie out in the yard and he'll play and then hump, play and then hump...the neighbors must find it interesting because they'll come out and watch. I have to be careful when I wrestle with him because he get's excited if he starts winning. Yeah, I wrestle with my dog...he's almost 90 pounds. It's not like I'm wrestling a poodle or something.
  9. ah shit. what am i supposed to do.. i haven't had it the past couple months, and god damn fucking A i just hope this girl comes by. can't fricken think man.

    the only good thing is.. it gets my room clean.

  10. I see, all that built up frustration makes you clean the room to work offf the nervous energy.
  11. more like grooming myself for a possible encounter.

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