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Crazy Ass Candle

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by MrGers, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. So a friend of mine has this candle that his sister brought back from italy. These pictures show the candle in its original form, the bottom of it, and then after a few uses. the candle curls outward. we can't find any information about the type of candle or really where it came from. any help us apprecated. also, look at this damn crazy candle!



  2. i think its just how it melts. light green might know, he makes candles
  3. bump.
    come on, someones gotta know what kinda candle this is, or why it melts like that, or other kinds of candle that do this?
  4. No idea. I've never seen one of those.

    haha on the first pic you were just a minute too slow.
  5. I rolled a fat blunt that kinda burned like that, if that helps at all haha
  6. you took the first picture a minute too late...

    (clock in the background)

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