crazy adventure to get bud

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  1. ok so this was last year but......

    me and my boy were trying to smoke a blunt at about 4am....we cant find anybody but this kid in brooklyn, we only have 20 dollars for the we sneak on to the subway and get too brooklyn...

    mind you its winter and out of nowhere it starts snowing like a motherfucker, we're in some neighboorhood in brooklyn with no lights and a blizzard, we could barley see each other

    we finally get there and get the bud and a dutch. we sneak onto the train again but this time a fucking cop sees us and we run back we're walking across a deserted brooklyn bridge in a blizzard (but it wasnt even that cold)

    we got too smoke the blunt while watching the sun come up behind the brooklyn sky line was tight

    u guys have any crazy stories too pick up bud?
  2. thats a deadly story dawg

    one night I text my boy for some herb, but hes not around so he gives me the cell number of another dealer in the area, so I arange the deal with the unknown guy. when I get to the meeting spot hes not there.. and I get a text from him telling me to walk down a certain street. then a text telling me to meet in the ally between two buildings and he describs witch buildings.. i know whats comming next but i still do it for some reason, i go in the ally and of corse a guy puts a guy pops out and pulls a knife on me.

    so im about to give him my money, but then im like 'yo hold up,your my cousin."
    (were not close)
    and hes like," aw shit,fuck man my bad, but how was that, did i look tuff, were you gonna pay up." and im like " yo that was pretty hard brah". and we laughed and went our sepperate way

  3. Damn son that's fucked up. I would kick your homies ass for just about getting you robbed.
  4. Yo that's a wicked story. Reminds me of this time I met this dude through my company I worked for called weedman. It was on april 20th and I was trying to get this dude to sign up for lawn service but I'm toasted and fucking up my skit and he's pretty crispy so he sees the correlation between the events taking place, starts cracking up and was like "yo man I don't have the money for your service but you can hit this bowl, happy 420." I'm like "Aw shit man thanks." He then gave me his number and told me to hit him up whenever I needed tree.

    I got pretty comfortable with him being my consistent dealer and eventually started going on runs with him because I was young (bout 16) and wanted to get some street knowledge (also, wanted to feel badass). He has a car straight out of need for speed it's a 2002 lotus esprit manual 5 speed twin turbo v8 with nos just downright nasty and decided to use it for a run we were going on. We went down to the dudes house and picked up a pound of chron. It was real late at night and the streets were seemingly empty as we then went to get some booze with his girlfriends money that she gave him. We were sparkin up and just shootin the shit when suddenly a cop turns on his lights behind us. :eek:

    Motherfucker sticks it into 3rd gear with no intentions of stopping. As shit got real I had a rush of anxiety wondering what the fuck just happened. He got intensely serious and focused. He must have channeled the spirit of dale earnhardt because he was doing some crazy shit! The cop wasn't giving up until he pulled a screeching 180 and floored it and shouts at me "TURN THE KNOB" and as I did, the engine thrust forward and the cop was getting smaller and smaller in the rearview. He turned into a parking lot behind a building hidden from view of the road. We heard the cop zoom past and waited a good 5 minutes without saying a word. Finally - almost simultaneously, we burst out into hysterical laughter. The sense of relief that washed over as a result can only be related to finding out your girlfriend isn't pregnant while taking a piss with a full bladder that's you've held for 3 hours while basking in the light of the divine.

    I'm high as fuck and kind of paranoid posting this but I doubt anything bad will come from it.
  5. Best one: may have to be when my buddys and I, total of 4 white guys got go detroit to hit up a different mall. We roam the streets, found out the malls close really early, it was like 6pm or something. So were in this like park like thing where the junkies and homless hang out,not knowing this at the time. this homeless guy came up to us asked if we wanted bud I said sure. So he saids to me "come with me and bring one of your friends, if it will make you feel safer" I DO. lol We go around the block, then tells us to hang tight, he cant bring"white kids to this guys spot.." He takes like a good 22 minutes, we get that sinking feeling we bout to lose 40bucks, but dude comes through on some of the best chronic ive seen in awhile and it was on point. Another note from that trip, This really nice older black woman was helping us find our car and this bum was asking for change, she turns and yells at him " stop acting like the streets are your mother's living room and get a job"

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