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CRazy 8's

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bi-Polar_smoker, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. Has anyone ever heard of this....Very stupid

    pills of Koraseedin..<<< sp??

    any way...this just crossed my mind.

    has anyone ever done this?? what does it feel like?

    peace bladez
  2. Yeah, people I know have done these. The ingredient that fucks you up is DXM. Koraseedin (sp?) has some other chemical in it though that will make you feel like shit in some way or another. My advice to you would be to goto the store and buy a bottle of robotussin maximum strength cough or another variety. Just make sure that the type you get only has DXM as the active ingredient.
  3. if you're gonna take coricidin make sure it has NO acetometaphine(tylenol) or aspirin in it...if it does, you'll just OD on aspirin or tylenol before you even take enough dxm to feel the effects. DXM is a fucked up chemical, and I dont recommend it, its almost always a negative trip and its much easier to get stuck in those crazy "negative loops of thought" than when youre on shrooms or lsd....and its much harder to focus away from those negative thoughts once your in careful

    The other chemical that makes you feel sick(if not acetometaphine or aspirin) would most likely be guifenesin. Its a cough supressant, but at large doses it triggers extreme nausea and vomiting, if you take pills that have dxm but also guaifenesin you can take some peptobismol (about one spoonfull per pill) to counteract cant really OD on guaifenesin other than become extremely nautious and possibly vomit.

    Go to and read the information they have in their DXM has a list of all exceptable brands and strengths of cough supressants that you can take safely and recreationally.
  4. I would never do this stupid shit..I just heard about it..and was like hmmmmm?? maybe the bladez will know some info on it...But like I said..I wouldn't do it.
  5. coricidin cough and cold is an over the counter cough remedy that contains DXM, a dissasociative drug (same class as PCP, Ketamine).. however, dont pop large amounts of coricidin caps unless you want to bleed from your eyeballs and/or die (yes, im serious)..
    although only about 1/3 of those that try it ever repeat the experience, DXM can be a GREAT drug if its 'your thing'.. and there arent many (if any) negative side affects from occasional, responsible use. personally, i love it and dont find it 'dark' or scary at all, especially at 1st or 2nd plateau dosages.. goes really well with some bud too

    if you want to try it, BEFORE ANYTHING read's entire DXM faq (this should take a while :D).. for a good starting dosage id recommend between 100mg (1/3 of a 4oz bottle, assuming 15mg DXM/tsp) and 300mg (a whole 4oz bottle).. AND FOR GODS SAKE make sure the ONLY medicinal ingredient is DXM. if you ever decide to do more than 300mg, id STRONGLY suggest a syrup extraction, since chugging 8oz of oversweetened cough syrup will probably either make you puke and ruin the trip, or give you the runs for days and days on end.. not fun.

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