Craziest/wierdest places youve had sexxx

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by SmokinGurl, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Wheres the craziest place you've had sex? Or, more different than the average bedroom romp?

    Me------> The attic of my school, on a rock by a river, hot tub

  2. hehe not as crazy as an attic, but I once did the nasty on a beach in Mexico this beach was not private just off a resort it was fun tho
  3. In a tree in a park
  4. On top of a table at a park.
  5. in an elavator
  6. -in a car
    -on a friend's front porch
  7. On some grass in a park during the summer, in my car during school, and my kitchen.
  8. On a bench in the middle of a Frisbee golf course at night. Family bathroom at the YMCA.
  9. school or park picnic table.
  10. 1979 Trans Am T-Tops open
  11. On a train, the day after I lost my virginity
  12. i gave oral sex on a bench in broad daylight in the middle of a town centre with a coat over my head once.
    Aeroplane, the stairs.
    TBH, alot of places really. ha.
  13. In some janitors room somewhere in Barcelona.
  14. the laundry room at my college on top of a dryer

    the men's bathroom at a chinese food place
  15. a baseball dugout facing the town's recreational facility in broad daylight.
  16. in a dumpster, on top of a trailer( mobile home ),

    once when me n my gf were in the kitchen, she said lets fuck, so i told her to bend over, and i was fucking her doggy style standing up while she was stirring the pot - with just our pants dropped -- talk about kinky eh ?
  17. Wow nice guys!!! Ive always wanted to on top of a washin machine during the spin cycle...lmfao.
  18. Many times behind restaurants.. THat ISNT fun
  19. in the field of a school yard, on a bench, under stairs at my school, on the roof of a school
  20. The physical place so much wasn't weird, but the circumstances of my surroundings are what made it fucking weird.

    On a couch under covers while watching Nightmare on Elm Street with my girlfriend's mom going in and out of consciousness on a recliner 10 feet away.

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