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Craziest Visual/mental State Youve Been In While High

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TrippyGvng, May 20, 2013.

  1. Sometimes when im high (ESPECIALLY when i first started smoking) i drift off into another state of consciousnesses. Today i smoked about 7 Ls and i laid back on my friends bed and closed my eyes. once i closed my eyes its almost like closed eye visuals. you can see total darkness with colors moving around and shit (Mostly green red orange purple or white) im sure everybody can relate to what im talking about. What visual/mental states do yall go thru when your high ?
    :smoke:  :smoking:

  2. and sometimes you get that body high where it feels like your falling over and over again or just floating on the bed
  3. Well, I once was playing Guitar Hero and a dragon that was on-screen flew out of the screen and I had a conversation with it about my guitar skills (I can't play the guitar).
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    Once I took my pristiq (antidepressant), and smoked about 20 minutes later. I then went into the shower, and I saw two handprints press on my shower curtain (it's transparent, but it was foggy from the steam). Then without thinking said "Kelly! Leave me alone I'm trying to shower!" then about a minute later realized I was totally home alone and hallucinated. 
    Not a couple minutes later, I had my eyes closed and I imagined a scene with road runner and courage the cowardly dog, then when I opened my eyes, I saw the scene happening before me. Craaaaazay
  5. i see geo patterns with my eyes open. theyre like x's or sometimes hexagons, stll can kind of see it when im sober too
  6. Lately I've been experimenting with a bowl, meditation, and sleep. I keep getting into this weird state between dreaming and consciousness that I've never felt before (and I've lucid dreamed since I was young). It kind of feels like what I imagine astral projection would be like.
    But yeah I get closed eye visuals, mostly colours, sometimes more like videos when I'm super high

    Also i don't know if its just me but if i look at something textured like ceiling tiles for example, I can usually focus on a par of it and morph it into some kind of cartoon character, and if its lit with candle light it looks like it moves.. It's hard to explain haha
  7. i got so high that i felt i was floating i fell asleep the next think i knew i was in a boat in the middle of my back yard with my life preserver on
  8. Man, the first times when smoking.. There was a night when me and my friends smoked a loot of dank weed and hash, and after I've been through all of this. The best high that you can achieve imo ;)
  9. I had a unmentionables flashback a couple times while toking up, started seeing columns of a bunch of bright colors fused together.
  10. i had an unmentionable once that keeps you high for around 10-14 hours. And for a good 2 hours i stared at the bottom of my shoe...
  11. Well the most vivid experience I've had was no doubt my first time. I remember walking out of the woods and the only thing I could say was "it feels like there's sand going through my body"!! We then proceeded to walk to a local restaurant and everything was a movie. I was in the back with one friend and my other two were a little ahead. All I remember is the way the sun was shining and the way they were walking looked like the perfect ending to a movie with two people walking away towards the shining sun lol. 
      We get to the restaurant and I remembered I was broke. So I see my friend alex and go over to him because he was actually in the process of going to meet the same dealer I did. I've known him since kindergarten so he was nice enough to spot me some money. But god damn the way I acted resembled me being drunk. I then continued to eat 7 hot dogs. I went home ate 3 tv dinner, some pizza, french fries and drank a lot of water. Ahhh I miss those days. :smoking:  
  12. I took the biggest hit ever out of my two-footer once and was seeing dots everywhere. like tracers. everything was in HD too. my whole body was vibrating. I was way too high for my liking. lol
  13. yeah i used to get this. I'd close my eyes and see masses of blue morphing around. then the body buzz was so strong that i felt kinda like i was flying, such a cool feeling.
  14. Ive been readin up on lucid dreaming ! you know any tips to cause it ?
  15. every so often. like every thirty minutes turn a light on and off and look at it and tell yourself your not dreaming while doing it.
  16. One of the first times I smoked was with my homeboy in the woods at the park in my neighborhood.

    We were tokin a bowl sittin on some scrap metal in a clearing in the woods and could swear I saw a huge cat-like shadow walk over and sit down about 40 yards away from us. I flipped the fuck out and yelled and it ran away. I'm sure it was a deer or coyote or some shit, but in my eyes it looked like a damn chupacabra.

    About 30 minutes later we were sitting on a log closer to the nighborgood lighting up again. I could see the street lights shining through the trees and branches. I stared for a while and started making out an owl in the light (sort of like making shapes in the clouds). Eventually the owl became so realistic that I decided to start talking to it. At this point my homie started shaking me because i was "staring off into apace mumbling". I snapped out of it and was fine after that.

    Never happened again after that. I'll still mistake a shadow for something else every now & then but nothing so vivid.

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