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craziest thing

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by spare tire, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. the craziest thing that you saw when you were high.

    like somthin that if you werent it would be no big thing

    mines a shooting star there so cray when ur blazed out of ur mind
  2. (no ofense to punks)

    the craziest thing i saw was definitly a punk-looking punk (with orange hair, leather, drunked looking angry eyes) exaclty like the "punk on the bus" from StarTrekIV .
    the craziest thing I ever saw while high was a punk help an old lady get into the bus.

    he helped her so gently I was amazed that such a dark looking caracter could spawn such simple good vibes.

    that day I understood the old saying that goes "don't judge a book by its cover" ...
  3. damn a shooting star that must have been great to see.
    Oh and welcome to the City :)
    Well the craziest thing ive ever seen whilst high would be this.

    Me and a friend where sitting at a spot right next to a lake with a small little spot near it we were tokin and All of a sudden a turtle head or some thing poped out the water looked at us and went *Meaaaaaa!* then went back under while we were smoking it did this about 3 more times coming out the water going "Meaaaa!" and going under it was pretty freaky....So i threw a stick at it..
  4. i was both high and trippin on shrooms, but i saw a huge drug bust, about 6 cop cars, and BIG guns..... and a dude sprawled on the ground... crazy shit
  5. ^^ that would be creepy as hell!!

    but mine as always is flashing lights.. fer like cops.. it just freaks the shit out of me.. once i ran away cause there was an ambulance goin down the street

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