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Craziest thing you've smoked out of

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TinTizzy, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to see all the weird things people have made bongs or bowls out of so what's your most interesting piece you've smoked out of?

    Mine was this 8 fool long glass steamroller a guy made out of a dairy milking had 2 giant ends then 2 small tubes sticking stood at one end with a book to cover the end and waited for the other guy to light it from the other little tube and they controlled how big of hit you got by when they release there book off their end..controlling your friends hit size gets ugly real quick lol..also had a big boy bank made into a bong
  2. a cola bottle is the weirdest it gets for me.
  3. Back in the good old days, either a gas syphon or when we took a coke bottle, and put a life saver on top of it, used that as a bowl and pulled through a whole cut on the bottom side.

    Haha, the days...
  4. It was a bong, and it was shaped like a dragon, and the spine had spikes on it, and you toke thorogh the mouth, and the bowl is part of the tail, it was pretty sweet, and a nice bong to toke on.
  5. thats a good question.. probably my buddy's 6 ft bong :p
  6. Not exactly crazy, I mean who hasn't...but apples. It tastes goooood. :eek:
  7. A rock. Literally, idk but it was was a cool looking rock. It looked normal on the outside then it had crystals in the middle with a hole that ran through it. Anyways I put a little but of tin foil on it for the bowl part and worked really good.

    note: This was when me and my friends had nothing else to smoke out of and I just happened to have this rock pipe hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  8. used to have a friend (well still do, but we dont chill much cuz he lives far away) who made improvised shit all the time. he once made this one that was 4 different kinds of water bottles high, and it had 2 seperate perculators built into the chamber. it was actually pretty good, it could be easily unscrewed in 2 different places to put the water in the different perculators. i built an ash catcher for it too, so it went through water 4 different times. but one time when we were smoking it on his canoe he just threw it in the lake and let it become part of a debris island cuz he was sick of it. but one time a few weeks later we were going by in the canoe and we saw it floating and stopped and smoked it one last time, but after that idk what happened to it.
  9. a steamroller made out of a lacrosse stick and a socket
  10. An apple, a bottle, a socket, and skateboard trucks, all when i was younger haha
  11. Ive smoked out of the ground high school. stones as the bowl. a tunnel in the soil, and a bottle on the other end to inhale :D
  12. And i made a pipe out of tinfoil... Never do that.
  13. Pumpkins, apples, and potato's :smoke:

  14. bahahahhahahahaha thats legendary :hello:

    I smoked out of a deer antler once... it was actually kind of cool, although a little morbid because the bowl in question was owned by a veteran and had all his kill beads on the side of it. He knew which each one was, and was telling us "oh this one's al-qaeda, this one's taliban, haqqani" etc.

    was totally cool though
  15. [quote name='"ammarhio"']Ive smoked out of the ground high school. stones as the bowl. a tunnel in the soil, and a bottle on the other end to inhale :D[/quote]

    lol, i smoked tobacco out of just the ground once. wasnt gona waste weed, but i had some tobacco for spliffs. like i dug a small hole for the bowl, and then used a pen to make a tunnel in the dirt for a mouthpiece. then i put the tobacco right in the ground lit it while sucking on the dirt around the mouthpiece. got an ok hit too
  16. A hollowed out pen. Def. felt like a crack head. Just don't do it, kids.

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