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Craziest thing you've done when your high. Contest!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WhiteBoyFaded, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Contest!​

    Okay, pretty damn stoned right now off some Bubba Kush and AK47, and I think it would be a cool idea to see which of us blades are the crazy dare devils! This is how it will work, once your done reading this, tell me the craziest thing you've done high, and don't exaggerate or lie. To vote for someone just like their reply. And we'll see who gets the most likes. Lets see how this​

    The craziest thing I ever did high was hop the fence of me and my friends old middle school, and toking it outside our old classrooms. Then someone noticed us and we got caught, cause one of the teachers stayed late, and it ended up being our old math teacher and he smoked a J with us. Best night ever! ahaha
  2. Little back story behind my post.

    When I was in highschool I had an apartment with my girlfriend. This apartment happened to be right next to my school. I mean right next to it. I could throw a penny off my step (We had a large balcony and lived on the 3rd floor) and hit a school window. My school was a 2 story school, and was lined with windows all the way around. The windows were all class rooms.

    One day me and some friends from school were skipping class and doing poppers on my balcony. We noticed some kids in the windows waving to us. So we waved back. So there we were hitting a bong infront of the school, waving into the class rooms. Later that day I went back to the school and some people came up to me and said I was the guy hitting the bong behind the school. I laughed and said yes. They told me that one of the teachers called the school cop to come look. Turns out he was in the window watching us the whole time. He even waved back to us. I saw the cop lots of times after that, he never spoke a word of it to me though. That dude was cool. He even knew me buy name. Whenever he caught me rolling a dube in school he would just tell me to take it outside! :smoke:
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    I smoked afghany hash in the dog bomb squad swimming/training pool in the middle of summer in Afghanistan while on deployment and we had all the munchies lying around the side, laughing and joking in the middle of a rocket/motar stike lol... Was hell funny. Heaps good smoke.

  4. Damn! That's dope as fuck!!
  5. Took a drug test.

  6. Lol I have done this as well.
  7. ran away from a homeless guy chasing us with a samurai sword
  8. pooped on some railroad tracks listening to MGMT.
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    Damn bro, you live far north.

    Anyways, the craziest place I have ever smoked is in the Middle of a Chinese Nightclub with a bunch of dudes from Africa. There were security guards around and what not, and you get the death penalty in China for it.

    Good to be foreign.
  10. Winner.

    I've smoked in my old high school bathroom (not a full joint just pipe hits really quickly in a stall with my buddy then dipped after like 2-3 minutes), in the back stairwell of the mall, and vaped in a movie theatre.

    As far as actual actions go, not much, had to run from cops a few times from smoking in stupid places with my dealer while he was holding like 2 ounces.

    Most ridiculous in a funny way thing I've ever done was driving through Burger King at 1am and asking them if I could get "all of the delicious" in my bag, then eating my meal and driving back to the mic and saying "Excuse me, I asked for ALL of the delicious with my meal, and you only gave me half, could I get a partial refund?". Only response was a long drawn out sigh and "Have a good night."
  11. confessing my love to my microwave
  12. LOVE this story fucking awesome
  13. LMFAO funny shit man like!
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    jumped my dads jeep yj in the dunes there was a 10 foot gap where the back tires left the sant to the landing marks....I forget what I bent but something broke

    watched two stipppers make out in my apartment.....tryed to join them but the one girl pushed me away and said I could only watch

    same jeep while driving in front of a transport asked my friend if he wanted to drive for a while he said yeah i jumped into the back seat (after putting it in neutral) and he jumped in the drivers spot

    saw a crazy stripper we named unruly julie take my cig and shove it up her crotch.....we framed it two years latter hurting for a smoke .....welll youknow the rest.

    man some things were just stupid like riding home from the bars on top of my camaro thru a heavy populted deer area right to my door step where Irolled down the hood of my car into the front door

    well that last one was pretty fun

    but i did have to get married or i think i may have killed myself one way or another
  15. i literally got a boner from eating something once...

    don't remember what

  16. LMFAO!:hello:
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    Getting pulled over after finishing a 40 and having the cops lights start flashing just after lighting my bubbler and starting to inhale. Already got that far so just kept pulling and took a FAAAT hit so I could be higher as I got arrested, and blowing it out as he walked up to the window. Sucks cuz I just got that bubbler the day before and it was my favorite piece. Found my half O and my empty 40, but they didn't find anything else, after searching for litterally 45 minutes. Got kinda lucky honestly
  18. Me and my friends had smoked a slice between 3 of us and the local skate park was locked so we hopped the fence to get in. (Dont worry that's not the crazy part) then after 20 minutes we decided we were bored with the skate park and remembered one of our friends was out of town and his pool was empty. We then drove for 10 minutes and got there to realize the pool was full of water. We then continued to go to my car and grap a water pump and pump all the water out and skate and smoke the rest of the night!
  19. Okay this really happened, well my friend lives in an apartment building filled with stoners and its really chill, it was about midnight and I was over his house, I wanted to scare him so I told him I was going to get something out of my car,

    I then procede to climb a tree and wait for him to come out and look for me, whist waiting for like an hour I smoke a jay, get way higher and then he comes out, I say oh shit really loud cause him bursting out of there scared the living shit out of my and I dropped the half L well I thought it was a good idea to see if I could jump and grab it,

    To my amazement I caught it mid flight, got happy then hit the ground, which happened to be the neighbors car, I broke through his sunroof and was in his car, I sit up and take a puff of the joint.. My friend always harasses me about it when we smoke a j now,

    Sorry for long post :smoking:
  20. A buddy of mine smoked a keif blunt before skydiving. It was the first time he got on a plane :metal:

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