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Craziest thing happened to me last night. Need some legal advice.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vdubstoner, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. So my roommate and I live in an off campus apartment complex which also has some kids who go to our college as well. So my roommate and I roll a nice joint of this new shit we got and go out on our steps to smoke it. Right before were about to light it a kid from next door who we really don't know walks out to go to hIs car. He stops to say hello and all that bullshit and my roommate ends up asking him if he wants to smoke with us. So we spark it and while were passing it around he starts telling us how he just took an Xanax an hour ago. We don't really let it phase us and we keep smoking. Being the friendly neighbors we invite him in to chill for a few and watch an episode of prisonbreak ( the best and most addicting show ever created). He seemed fine just pretty high and was telling us how he hasn't smoked in like 6 months. A few minutes go by and he gets up to go to the bathroom. Before we know it the fucking kid locks right up and falls straight back into the wall. He was knocked out for at-least 3 minutes. Meanwhile were fucking freaking out cuz were afraid he ODed or some shit but were kinda afraid to call 911 cuz were both high and we smoked this kid out. So he wakes up and doesn't know what's going on so I give him a big glass of water. He doesn't drink it he just throws it all over himself which we thought was fucking weird. Out of nowhere he pukes all over our floor, it was a weird color almost straight purple. He seems fine now and we tell him to just lay low right there. Long story short we walk him to his place and make sure everything is all good. Of course when we get back to our place were like WTF just happened! We start talking and my roommate goes into how we could be held responsible if anything happened to him because we smoked him out and we knew he was on Xanax. Is there anything that we should be worried about? Could the weed have done it to him? Did we just witness an overdose?

    Sorry for the long read.
  2. Hell no the weed didnt do shit to him...he was actually oding hence the puking,and he probally wont remeber shit anyhow.....fuck zanax...also he wouldve cleaned his fucking puke up too or he wouldve wore it home
  3. First, you need to relax nothing can happen to you. He either took to much xanax or by smoking increased the xanax's effect. Also some people throw up if the weed is really good and they haven't smoked in awhile happened to some of my friends. The purple puke was grape juice or something purple in his stomach. Granted you guys shouldn't of freaked out and left him there out cold for 3 minutes, because something really could of been wrong and if he did OD you would of been boned.
  4. lol the bad affects off weed are being paraniod theres no way the cops could link it back to you and if they do so what you gave him a joint you never forced him plus weed has never killed any1 you cant od on weed your all good bro he probs wont die anyway LOL your just paranoid man if i posted this and you were reading it you would be saying the exact same think chill and smoke a bowl
  5. [quote name='"Drexo"']OD on one bar? not fucking likely i got friends that drop 6-7 bars and are fine purple puke sounds like cough syrup...which will make you puke your guts out if you drink to much. the passing out is prob cuz the bitch couldn't handle his shit.[/quote]

    I dont really know how much he took. He just said that he took some Xanax a little bit ago. Yeah my roommate said it could be some cough syrup or something. He deff couldn't handle his shit. Never again will I smoke with this kid
  6. he was prob on more than xanax
  7. I've seen weed do this plenty of times. They throw up, pass out, no idea where they are.

    It's usually after people have had a couple of beers = the spins.
  8. i've got a buddy that if he smokes too much or does too much of anything to fuck him up he will go "ghost". he goes completely white and blacks out. He normally wakes up freaking the fuck out because he hallucinates sometimes too...but we call him danny phantom when he does it, but he knows his limits now...but i think it make have been started because he'd take a xanax and then go smoke a lot.
  9. Sounds like he just greenouted.. I doubt he ODed on xanax.. Once I just smoked too much weed and started hallucinating and puking everywhere for 2 hours straight.. it happens to everyone
  10. Your straight homie, don't worry
  11. He probably just took to much xanax than his body is used too

    Some people can take more bars than others
  12. the puking prolly had something to do with the bars he took and the mixing of cough syrup. However, he passed out prolly cause he smoked a shit ton and stood up quickly which can definitely make u faint. Btw hes not gonna remember shit
  13. Well, I look at it this way: You might have saved him from dying in a car crash.

    Also, my 2 cents, tunnel vision from standing up may be the case. Happened to me once. Passed out twice.
  14. God fuck, man, that was a bitch to read...But luckily for you, I read it!

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