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Craziest stories?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Pukeslot123, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Wassup man 
    I know everyone has had a really sketchy/ funny stories, why not share them?
    For me it was awhile ago
    I was sitting in the parking lot of my friend and Is work waiting for him to get off, I got off an hour early. I decided to spark a bowl real quick. After a while of hot boxing the car, I heard faint music. A car swerved around the corner and parked 2 cars away from me. Smoke starting volcanoing out of the car, they knew what was up. I decided to roll my window down to send the same message. Their car turned off and a guy quickly jumped out of the car and ran over to mine. He asked if I had any papers and I sadly didn't. He went back to his car and smoked with his friend. 
    It was crazy, your turn 

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    I'm pulled by two officers who were tailing me for about 1.5miles. They pull me cause the taillights on my Honda are tinted, but they could clearly see me apply my brakes and turn signals (i demonstrate this to them once they request me to exit the vehicle). Once i'm done i hop back in and one cop says he smells some pot. While he's literally strip searching my car (without my permission) his partner is patting me down. The cop doing the search finds a rolled blunt under my seat--a fucking surprise to both of us!.... He pinches it open.... looks inside.... and says "well your over 18 so you're old enough to have a cigar".... I momentarily stop crapping my pants at the thought of petty jail time over a coincidental blunt and praise god for the incompetence of my local PD  :yay:
    ... or maybe he siced me :confused:
    Not the craziest thing ever, but it's all i got lol
  3. got pulled over with an ex girlfriend and had a vial of cid and a g of girlfriend put them in her bra and we thought we were straight since it was a male cop but he called in a female while searching my car and i was shittin bricks..the female searched all under her boobs and the sides but luckily the were big and she didnt search in between them thank god..thought for sure i was done and thats why i dont drive dirty at night anymore
    also got pulled over with a pound of merch under my seat...luckily it was vacuum sealed and didnt smell...i had to try my hardest to act cool but not suspiciously cool and luckily it worked and he didnt search me
  4. A few questions...

    Why didn't they break the blunt apart or look at it more closely?

    Why did they automatically shrug off a blunt if they "smelled weed"?

    How did they not see the green at the end and KNOW it was weed?

    Did the cop not smell it to confirm it was tobacco?

    Are your blunts rolled to perfection, and with a wood tip or something?

    It sounds awfully far-fetched, unless the cop didn't want to bust you for "a little weed".

    Final question:

    Did you blaze that shit immediately as the po-po left?

    I would've. That would be the most delicious, most rewarding victory-blunt of all time, even if it was old and nasty.

    Sorry for the long reply etc. but thinking about that story almost made my head explode...

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  5. @[member="NoghriB"] lol it's all good man. Idk why he didnt try to gut it if he claimed to smell bud. I will note that the bud was mids but it was dark green not brown like tobacco and I will say with full modesty that i roll a pretty damn cylindrical blunt lol plus the one he found had a raw tip on one end. 
    And dude you know i had to hit a couple homies up for a sesh after some shit like that lol! Homie made some pretty nice oil too so we got some nice dabs... pretty bangin' day
  6. You got some good luck man 
  7. Dope story man, nice tits btw haha 

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