Craziest places youve found nugs

Discussion in 'General' started by EASYlivin, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Try looking far back into your drawers lol. I just found some nugs way back there, then I look in my second drawer.....Same shit. lol. Just wondering if this has happened to any of you folks...

    Reminds me of the time I found a dank bud in between my bed and my desk last year also. ;)
  2. Once found a nug that had fallen out of the bag in my car, but had gotten caught on the seat belt receiver piece on the way down. If it had gotten to the floor I'm sure it would have been lost, but the next time I got in and went to click it, I saw nug!
  3. Haha yeah, everytime I clean my room I'm like guaranteed to find a gram. I would call it a phenemon because idk how it happens. How does this shit happen??
  4. in the street on the curb
  5. I found half a blunt sitting in an ashtray outside of an airport one time.
  6. lol was it fresh?
  7. I found some amazing weed one night fiending. It was just sitting on the wooden table beside my couch in the basement, not in a bag or anything (about .2). i proceeded to look under the couch, and i found an already half smoked nug (dont know how the fuck it got there) that night, i got pretty baked, when all i thought i would do is scrape resin
  8. No, well kinda, i found an onld grinder with bud and kief oozing out :smoke:
  9. Used to work at Friendlys restaurant...while I was sweeping up the floor at the end of the night I found a gram that someone had dropped under their table.
  10. Thats epic. I bet it was a nice tip right there ;)
  11. This one time I found a nugget in my bowl. It was so bizarre.

    Then... like 5 minutes later, it was gone. But I felt really good.

  12. Someone once found about an 1/8th in my hair, which goes down to my lower back, at the supermarket in Australia.

    I'd been trimming and working in the dry racks all day, and had to run out quickly to get something for dinner for everyone that night before the shops closed. A few big stray leaves on my head is pretty normal occurrence, and I didn't bother brushing my hair or changing out of my work clothes so I probably stank of herb as well.

    Someone tapped my shoulder in the check out line just as I was paying the clerk, and said, "uhm, you have a little something in your hair."

    I reached back thinking great, another giant fan leaf and I've been wandering around the store for a good ten minutes like this, and then my hand hits something much larger and more solid wound through my hair... I pull out at least a 3 gram bud.

    me - "You want this?"
    guy- "uhhhh, yes?"
    me - "here ya go, enjoy" *runs off with groceries*

  13. wish i was that lucky guy
  14. I'm that guy that left it :eek:
  15. Please tell me you had no bud at the time you found the nugs or half the excitement is taken away :wave:...either way thats whats up. I wish I found some dank nugs I only have a rip or two left :(
  16. we were 15 and in my friends dirt floor basement. it was filled with old furniture and his dad's old workshop tools. (tablesaws, etc.) there was a 3 gram baggy tapped to the back of an old dresser. it was over 15 years old.
  17. About two years ago it was just getting to be really cold out so I grabbed my winter coat, went in the pocket and found half an eighth from the previous winter.
  18. In my back seat. I loved when people would drop bud in my car I would find a fat nug when I would clean out my car.

    >> At the same time, that could be a bad thing.
  19. On my kitchen table. A pile of weed.

    Thanks guys. :D
  20. HAHA yeah like when you consent to a search and a cop goes " OH look what we have here" and youre all like :confused::eek::(

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