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Craziest place?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankitydank435, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. What or where was the sketchiest or craziest place that you've smoked?
  2. Underneath the girls locker room in my high school. Actually just my school in general, we used to smoke in that place all the time, during class, before and after class, didnt matter.
    I remember one time me and a buddy where in the gym, and went behind the bleachers, well the teachers where ont he other side of the gym, so by the time they had smelled it (we blew the smoke into an old gym shirt) we had finished the bowl and where sitting far away from where we had smoked just kickin it back haha. Damn i sat down to post a few words, wrote ya a novel, mary always makes me more drawn out on everything haha.
  3. Back in like 10th grade me and my friends smoked inside one of those tube things at a park, like in the jungle gym thingy, while kids were running and playing freely, and no one said anything to us.
  4. I've stood about 25 feet from a mountain lions and her cubs, at night, next to apartment swimming pool couple year ago.

    Yeah my balls tucked in when I saw her big face an yellow eyes.
  5. Climbed to the top of a billboard for a sesh.
  6. [quote name='"Smokey55109"']Climbed to the top of a billboard for a sesh.[/quote]

    Sounds awesome
  7. Behind home plate of the University's softball diamond. Super sketch.
  8. [quote name='"futureghost"']

    Sounds awesome[/quote]

    It was wicked. The sign over looks a river and you can see the city skyline.
  9. my friends fall out shelter. his house was built during the height of the cold war when everyone was afraid of being nuked
  10. at camp some of us counselors walked to a nearby vineyard and blazed atop one of these
  11. high school baseball field
  12. For me school. Locker room during class and during lunch we'd go out in the parking lot. I work at a McDonald's and we go in the walk in freezer every now and then and lite up ha

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