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Craziest place you've smoked?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Weedith, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I'd have to say the craziest (more like stupidest) place i've smoked was a movie theater bathroom. Was wastching the movie "High School", thought it'd work for the occasion? :smoke:

    High School (2010) - IMDb
  2. The back of the school bus out of a tin foil pipe i made.

    After i hit it twice kids were yelling something stinks!

    Balled it up and tossed er out the window real quick.

    I WIN!
  3. Me and my friends were walking around the park and we rolled a blunt but it was too windy so we saw a cop car with nobody in it so we used the cop car as a wind break so we could light the blunt lol
  4. Behind the football field bleachers when I was still in high school.
  5. In a bus stop in the middle of a little snow storm.
  6. in front of a cop
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    i smoked a blunt once walking around a small neighborhood with a couple friends back in high school. not sure what lead us to be that fuckin stupid/risky. every time we saw a person, we just hid it. definitely was obvious as fuck though

    and another time i smoked in my former friend's laundry room with his parents home, fat blunt

    an abandoned shed in the middle of the woods but also practically in someones backyard, which was a little more than suspicious, stepped on a fucking rusty nail and cut my foot up (definitely ruined my high)

    smoked a blunt in my backyard, completely visible to my nosey neighbors who cant mind their own business, but i didnt really give a shit. ended up not being THAT bad

    by this trestle area that cops always go by since teenagers used to fuck around there and it's trespassing

    way back in high school my friends and i broke into a solar products store, or well, a caged area underneath, tore apart the Styrofoam ceiling tiles, made a hut down there to make a place to hotbox in the cold winter. easily couldve been fucked for multiple charges

    AND THEN, to top that off... we went back there after police knew about it, but didnt catch us, and smoked there in broad daylight. got me community service as a kid

    now a days i'm pretty responsible and careful since im not a kid anymore and can't get community service. usually roll my own joints and smoke wherever is comfortable :smoke:
  8. in a a police station.
  9. At the top of an abandoned grain elevator. 2nd place would be in a pine forest at the top of a 10,000 ft. peak in the Cascade mountains.

    View from the top overlooking the city.
  10. My parents basement as a kid. Some how they never knew though :confused:
  11. I also smoked in the bathroom when i was in 8th or 9th grade...well it was one of those anyways:)
    Heres some more that are more so stupid than crazy,
    -Bathroom at local park
    -Bathroom/bedroom/kitchen of my house as a teenager
    -Walking down the street
    -Neighbors backyard...already was fucked up though :)
    Thats all i can think of for now :smoke:
  12. The alter in an abandoned church.. it was fun but at the same time creepy as fuck real para scene was set graveyard out side stain glass windows and a dark room lighten by moon light and the fire we made out of toilet roll. apparently homeless folks where sleeping in the church so there was a way in for us :L
  13. Deep deep down inside the earth in an old abandoned mine shaft, hot boxed that shit.
  14. Smoking a Blunt with some friends at a public town party where the police chief was there and we almost got caught by some women who wouldn't stop bitching at everything cause she was shit faced. Good thing the blunt was already out and she just came to bitch at us to pick up the cans. :p
  15. i smoked on a BART train (Bay Area Rapid Transit) there were about 10-15 other people on the train, me and my cousin each hit it once. the train stunk after that but no one said anything.
  16. [quote name='"Weedith"']I'd have to say the craziest (more like stupidest) place i've smoked was a movie theater bathroom. Was wastching the movie "High School", thought it'd work for the occasion? :smoke:

    High School (2010) - IMDb[/quote]

    That movie was filmed at this high school literally five minutes away from my house.
  17. smoked in the gondola's at whistler, right on the busy ass sidewalk in union square in SF, art classroom while i was working one night by myself. nothing to crazy though
  18. [quote name='"MyNamesAustin"']

    That movie was filmed at this high school literally five minutes away from my house.[/quote]

    Anyone have any idea where I can download that movie? I can't find it anywhere…
  19. It's not on Piratebay?

    Anyways, the stupidest I've done was 9th grade during gym class. Slipped out the gym with 2 others, and.lit up a joint in the handicap bathroom because there was a vent to the outside there. As I was walking out, someone walked in and scared the shit out of me. He washed his hands and walked back out. When we left, we saw he was a janitor. Guess he didn't care, because the bathroom was filled with smoke and I know he smelled and saw it.
  20. School bathroom, or jail parking lot when I went to visit my carnal when he was locked down.

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