Craziest place you've hotboxed?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by edd.excessive, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. I stayed at my friends villa in france with him and about 8 mates. I found a plastic laundry box about 1ft wide, 1ft deep and about 2ft across. I had a epic idea and decided a hotbox was in need.

    I rolled a nice big joint of the grass his housekeeper grows then we got in the pool, put the box over our heads. So we are litreally 2inches a way from eachover, each with a hand up in the box keeping it dry. So then we put the box on the surface of the pool, giving ourselves a airtight chamber.

    We spark that shit and smoke and smoke and smoke and smoke until the joints gone. By this point we are both hyperventilating and almost unable to see eachover anymore. We lift the box up and i litreally entered another universe as the light hit my eyes and i just lay back on the surface of the pool in absolute bliss. Best idea of my life.

    Ive hotboxed in allota places like random bathrooms, cuboards, parked unlocked cars in the street etc.

    What crazy place have YOU hotboxed?
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  2. I had to lol @ this. Have you used the search function recently?

    I definitely want to try that sometime though.
  3. Haha "parked unlocked cars in the street"...

    I would pretty pissed to find a random stoner hotboxing my car because I left it unlocked to run an errand real quick..

    Well not, if they let me hit that shit, then I would let em go. lol
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  4. I always used to walk up to the dealerships up the road from me with a few blunts, and just steady burn up in the new cars...some of those cars were so fresh before I got in.
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  5. Never anyplace crazy since my car doesn't drive and i don't go anywhere. But I've sat out there while construction was going on on my garage, like five feet away from the workers, just watching them and blowing it up. They didn't seem to notice.
  6. inside a big rolling trash can that had been cleaned. stealthy ftw :p
  7. In a very large garbage bag when I was 16. Omg, I remember that very very well, lol.
  8. yeh i searched before i posted, no thread about weirdest/craziest place youve hotboxed.

    these all sound like great idea's.

    ive got a few more: my duvet (almost every nite :D), a big pirates chest that my mates brother has, many many tents, a World War 2 pillbox (gun bunker) on the coast on England probbaly a few more hehehe
  9. In an igloo Me and my buddy made... Took my little HVY bong out there and smoked a few bowls... -20 in an igloo (it was fairly warm inside) but the cool air full of smoke... Boner of the month in my book...
  10. There's a church about 10 minutes from my buddies house, and we were all chillin at his house one night. His parents got home, so we left and went to the church to hang out behind it, since you can't see the back of it from the road. We smoked a few bowls and had some beers, and it was pretty fun. The church had a van there, and we were messing around and found that it was unlocked. I had my little glass bowl and I rolled a jay for each of my friends (two were with me), and we hotboxed the church van. Pretty sure I'm going to hell because of that, but the experience was worth it.
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  11. i hate the smell of other people who are wet and in an enclosed space with you
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  12. my friends room with a super blunt.. around 10 grams of weed and 3 grams of hash went into it.. probably the most epic hot box i've had.. when we finally got out i had to step onto his apartment balcony for fresh air i actually thought i cudn't breath lol :smoking:
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  13. lol in side a police station waitng room while my dad was talking to one of his cop friends i was scared at 1st and then i smoked and i was like what ever... when i came out i reeeeked of the j's i just smoked good times good time. O and the cop was like you from china BOY..and i was like yes sir btw im white
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  14. It was like 10 below freezing and I went outside to smoke by a park and there was a porter potty there and I smoked in that haha. It was warm too.
  15. You know those giant cargo box things on ships? There was one in the middle of a mall parking lot, it was freezing out so we made a run through the lot got in and smoked up. We were paranoid as shit the whole time cause it was a usual busy day at the mall
  16. im guna go do that with a trashcan right now!!

    the craziest place for me was a really small car, its the only place i ever have actually.(cant come home reaking you know)
  17. I just hotboxed the church van f
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  18. Lmfao hot boxing unlocked cars. Classic
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  19. The unlocked nonsmoking rental cars parked behind the rental office. I'm not proud.

    OK maybe a tiny bit.
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  20. Motorcycle helmet,

    Had countless opertunaties to hot box a shed but never did
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