Craziest night you ever had mixing drugs

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    This night is abit fuzzy but il tell it as best as I can. For me was at like 12 on a Wednesday Night I popped 8mg of Klonnys and sipped on 2 beers or I think it was 2.... then I got the crazy Idea It would be fun to take the 4AM train home (I go to school at SB on LI) so only hour train ride to penn station then subway to grand central and then another hour train home to Westchester. I realize sometime between 2 and 3 30 im not high enough I smoke some bong loads and pop another 4mg.... this was when I was poppin klonnys every 3 days or so, so my tolerence was very high. Then I got to the train station like 3 40.... and im like FUCK im not that high.... I popped 4 Somas..... ahah heres wheres things go crazy.

    So im chillin then like 30 mins into the train ride for some reason its like all the drugs hit me at once.... im like awwww fuck.... im fucked up. I look over at some old man next to me and im like Wake me up when we get to Penn station... punch me if you have to..... I couldnt keep my eyes open haha. Haha Im awoken soon later to the guy litterally screaming in my ear WAKE UP WE ARE here.... i stumble off the train clearly pilled out.

    Now its 5AM and im in penn and im to fucked up to find the train to Grand Central. Trying not to stumble around to much, I try to ask some cops which way to go... haha luckly they dont notice im very out of it. Find the train to grand central get on. Get on the train home.... so I should be home at 7AM.

    I am so sleepy at this point I call my mom and say my train is coming in at 7 AM keep calling untill I pick up. I put my phone on the loudest possible volume and put speaker phone on. Haha so of course I fall asleep on the train then just as we hit Irvington (my town I hear the phone right) I jump right off. hahahaha I look at missed calls my mom had called 8 times before and the phone had been on very loud sitting on my lap.... I was in a deep deep sleep :eek: haha very lucky I woke up when I did or I woulda missed my stop

    Ok that wasnt that great of a story.... but yea only drugs I mix alot are benzos and opiates and thats just me noddin out on my couch.

    lets hear some stories
  2. haha lol thats crazy bro,i do really stupid shit when i mix benzos with other shit,like 3 or 4 weeks ago me and 2 other ppl bought like 2 balls of some bomb fishscale coke,we needed somewhere to stay so we went to a dealers house that i know.

    and so we blew most of the coke threw erly evening to late morning,then my friends dealer pulls out a bottle of a hundred bars,so we just started snorting bars for madd long till he passed out,so now im all fucked up on bars speed balling,also drank some beers,and im pretty sure we did some other drugs that i cant even remember lol.

    but anyways once my freinds dealer pasted out,we took like all his bars and a bunch of money and bounced,i was really fucked up or i would have done it,also the dude ripped me off for 20 bucks so i was like fuck it.

    anyways i totally blacked out that weekend trying to remember some what so i can tell you the story lol,anyways we just ended up buying madd drugs that day and getting really fucked of coke bars and opiates.and later we ended up having to deal with the dude we robbed,but im not gonna get in to that cause it would take to long to type my ass kicked cause i couldnt fight,im on crutches lol

    also i forgot to say,i got in another car accident that weekend,and i already had a broken leg from a car accident from 2 months ago,broke my leg in 5 places an shattered my ankel,an i was still in a cast but somehow wasnt hurt so it was good.
  3. jeez lol

    i think the moral of both these stories is

    benzos make u do crazy shit.

    I also peed on my old roomates bed as revenge while klonnyd out..... but thats ahwole nother story
  4. lol hahaha:Dthat's some funny shit,i pissed in my friends basement one night all fucked up.

    and tru that bro,benzos make you do some stupid shit lol
  5. Two nights ago I drank about nine or ten beers, popped a single thizzle, and then like an hour later I took 40mg of Oxycoton.

    Man was I fucking floating. I have a real low tolerance to Oxycoton so that really put me under.
  6. Uh my worst was I got shit faced at a party played some beer pong I had a nice buzz goin..

    Anyways my dude hits me up and says "yo i got dmt" so I round up the boys and we go to his place and buy a few hits each, we were fucked up. We chill talk and say fuck it lets do some we do a few lines each and start drivin to the party again.

    About half way back we decide to get some oxys so we all bought a couple m30's and did those. Kicked it played some beer pong when we got back and passed out.
  7. I'm amazed you lived through that.
  8. lol why are you amazed
  9. I dont even want to type out my stories (yes more than one) because no one would believe them.
  10. lol trust me bro i would belive you,ive done some pretty crazy shit,being fucked up.
  11. Craziest.......there are alot really, but one that sticks out most is:

    18 50mg Tramadol
    5 10/325 Hydrocodones
    7.5mg Clonazepam

    Then later I bumped 40mg's of Oxycodone.

    This, of course, was a few months back in my binge days.

  12. Yeah I was thinking at the time it might not be the best mix, but hey I'm still kickin.

  13. awwww i wanna hear

    just post the drugs you had in you atleast haha
  14. In the summer. It was a friday night just got off work and I had a case of beer in the trunk, 3 packs of american spirits, and a quarter of chronic already rolled up into 7 blunts. I go to my friends house and theres like 25 people there so I bring in the beer and start smoking. We smoked 5 blunts then went into the party and started drinking. I drank 8 beers and went onto the balcony to smoke some cigs. On the balcony my friend Tom was there and he was snorting bars that he stole from his dealer. He gave me 4 white ladders and I popped them all at the same time and washed it now with beer. We then proceeded to smoke 2 more blunts and some more cigs. I went inside and got my dance on with my ex girlfriend who was rolling. I did some jellow shots with her then we went upstairs and fucked. Passed out with only a shirt and socks on and work up like that. I couldnt find my pants or boxers in the morning so I just chilled there with my ex and we fucked some more. I called up my boy and he came to give me pants and shorts and to serve me up. I ride out and smoke some bongs with him.
  15. this is more tame but

    One night last semester, my [future] girlfriend, her friend, this 24 year old i fucked one weekend over the summer and I were hanging out at the 24 year old's friend's apartment drinking beers. Before that, my girlfriend, her friend and I had smoked a couple bowls. Pretty high. Then the beers come. I must have had like 5 and my gf may have had 3-4 (she has a low tolerance).

    Anyways, everyone is outside smoking cigs and when they're done, everyone heads in. My gf stays out with me and tells me that she really likes me. At the time, we had just been fucking around everyday and there wasn't much of a commitment to it.

    The night starts to end but we're all still fucked. I told my gf that I would let her sleep with me in my dorm room. On our way walking there (i had to drive too and that's always scary while drunk and high), she said she wanted to smoke again so I busted out my pipe and we lit up right outside the dorms. We got inside and laid down on my bed for a few minutes. Everything was spinning. Eventually, we both started getting horny but we didn't want to fuck in the room because my roommate was there. So I had the great idea of going into the dorm showers. haha that was really great. I couldn't get off because I was so fucked up but it was alot of fun. We got back in the room and slept naked to each other and cuddled until we fell asleep.

    Woke up the next day and my roommate was gone so we fucked. I left to go home for the night and the next day after I came back I asked her out and we've been together ever since.
  16. salvia and LSD.

    Dont have time to post right now thouu, cooking some wings :D
  17. Hydromorphone, ~ 3 grams of dank, Xanies

    gotta cook some food so ill post it up soon
  18. lol both of you are cooking, im ready to hear what salvia and lsd is like..

  19. yea that musta been fuckin insane

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