craziest "legal" highs

Discussion in 'General' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. alright, ive come up with somthin. with the days of ccc and dramamine pills in my past, ive moved on. I did a few lines of ritalin and chiefed and was blitz as fuck. now that's sorta legal since you can get the shiet. how bout those other ones, like nutmeg and morning glory seeds. jus wonderin wha else would taking and smokin be good together.
  2. Hawaiin Baby Woodrose.
  3. ADD meds, since I am supposed to take them, don't give me any joys.
  4. morning glories are pretty cool, im not so sure about that herbalsmokeshack shit.... whats it like? ive never heard the straight story because the websites talk it up, but i know it cant be like the real thing
  5. I'm curious about that HI hydro stuff too. I've been thinking of trying it, but I just have a hard time believing the site's hype, and I don't want to be disappointed. I spent good money on some Herbal X one time, and ended up tossing it because I got nothing from it. Pure bunk.

    Has anybody out there tried any of these herbal alt.'s? I'd love to hear a review, good and bad, from somebody that's not trying to sell me a bag...
  6. I tried one of the alternatives once, it did nothing for me. I had a sore throar for 2 days after too.

  7. HBWR was the craziest thing I've ever done.
  8. Love

    shortly followed by intense sex.....then some more... and more and more and more and so on and so fourth... and yea...:D
  9. well the only legal high's i have done have been salvia and truffles(they are shrooms but don't look like mushrooms) and i can say salvia was a waste, but the they were great.

    but if you want crazy stuff trry some datura, that's legal and crazy or how about some peyote.
  10. I haven't and never would, it was a joke.

    How about LSA then xplicitcontent or some salvia extract?
  11. ya im thinking about doing salvia 10x extract... that should do something right?
  12. i ordered that hawaaiin hydro stuff like a month sucks cuz it comes wet..but if you let it dry out and smoke a bit its decent. It doesnt give you a super stoned feeling just a light buzz
  13. Hydro stuff i bought tasted like dirt and didnt do anything for me. Bought two salvia plants that died and smoked them both in one sitting...did nothing. extract enhanced might be a differant story though

  14. Depends how you smoke it and how much you smoke of it.

    You have to be in the right surroundings for it, don't do it on a friday night like for a recreational drug, go by yourself in your room or maybe, just maybe one other friend.
    The best is a water bong and to use the hottest lighter you can to burn the salvia to make the most of it, it's not like cannabis in anyway, i've heard people trying to refer it to cannabis, it is nothing like cannabis, it's a compeltly different drug.

    For me personally i only had 5x leaf and it didn't do much, felt a little bit drunk, no tripping at all, but the 10x exctract should do the job, i'll have to get some again.
  15. to many to remember but

    perc n vikes
    haha i took tylenol with coricidin before, i was retarded as hell
    analapril- not really a high more like my heart slowed down and i felt sick
    and whatever else i could find around my house when i was bored but i narrowed it down to the ones that worked good

    haha and i tried nutmeg and the banana shit, complete bullshit
  16. fair play for doing that nutmeg andbanana shit, only a true stoner would.

  17. yea i know lsa=morning glory seeds, it can also be hawianna babywoodrose seeds among others.

    But no i wouldn't try datura and wouldn't reconmend(sp) anyone to either.
  18. huff gasoline......but do it in the complete dark so as to best enjoy the halutionations.....

  19. A 2 liter will do, but I wouldn't recommend it, the buzz is fucking insane.
    But I'm sure it kills a shit load of brain cells or something I was hooked on that shit for like a day huffing all day out of a liter. You will be able to smell gas on your breath for weeks it feels like after.
    Now I just stick to weed.

  20. Coricidin, used to do that pretty often. Until I had a friend try to kill herself while high on them. After that, i gave it up.

    Robitussin, omg, I used to go through 2 bottles in like 2 1/2 hours. Those were the good old days, but then I heard stories about it turning your fecal matter into stone or something. I don't know if it's true, but I didn't want to find out.

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