craziest day ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by brian hobo, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. well i didnt have any weed one day which sucked, because i had a migrane headache and getting high helps a lot. its what i usually take for medicine, but if i dont, i take this tylenol with codeing perscription i have.

    so i went to my mom's bathroom where we keep all the medicine and went to grab my tylenol bottle. i knocked something else down and the top fell off. turned out to be about an eighth of weed in a film canister and 2 packs of zigzags, in my moms closet! so now im freaking out thinking my mom tokes, thats crazy. i decided to pinch a little off instead and not take the tylenol.

    so i went to grab my bowl from my hiding spot where i keep everything i busted it out. since nobody was home, i left most of my shit on my desk. then i went into my bathroom to toke.

    i have a window in my bathroom which is right by my front door that i leave open when i smoke. right when im in the middle of smoking a bowl, my mom came home! so she walks right by the window with me smoking, she comes inside and walks by my room with all my lighters and cigars out, and goes right into her room.

    she came back out and figured out i was in the bathroom. then she told me she forgot something and was leaving. i thought she was gonna yell at me and tell me to open the door!

    in the end she left and i smoked some great weed, which might be my moms. but it was scary.
  2. Woah that is fucking awesome! I wish I would find shit like that back at my house!! Good thing ya didn't get busted, but it doesn't seem like it would matter too much.

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