Craziest CEV's ive ever had

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    Well today i picked up a new half and its some if not the best shit ive ever gotten, its coated in trichs. Anyways i headed over to my buddies house who just got a new 24" beaker. We load up a bowl and smoke. I take some hits that leave me absolutely choking(never really cough, idk why) and left my throat feeling like a dragon shit in it yet the taste was amazing. So i leave the room after the few hits and shit starts to go whack, I was literally as high as I was my first time. I can say this is probably the most intense high Ive ever had from bud. I was in the basement but i started to panic so i went outside and had to try and chill (im at altitude in summit county so my heartrate is generally raised much more easily) i walked around a bit and all the lights and shit outside just blew my mind, the lights were soooooo, so bright. I then went and chilled in my car and closed my eyes, this is were shit got reallllllly cool. I had the most intense sharp CEV's, i was listening to cudi on my phone and when i closed my eyes it was a massive ever changing pattern of anything and everything that continued to morph and change. This happened every time i closed my eyes for like 30 min straight, I went back inside and proceded to chill but continued to be blown out of my mind for another 2 hours. Still high right now from it, damn it literally feels like the first time again. pshooo.

    edit: I also had the most powerful feelings of heavy gravity and the feeling of floating like at the same time, crazy ass body high.

    pics of bud:
    stuff smells to high heaven :smoke:

  2. That's awesome man. Can we get some pics of the bud?

  3. for sure, ill post a few in a sec. :D
  4. Exotroll get the fuck out of here
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    It actually is dirt. Got it from out back. And and I suck n swallow is in the near thousands. I'm SUPERGAY
  6. Only one person and a troll? Lol
  7. Sick buds, nice and frosty.

  8. thanks, even better in person, wish i had a high res cam for this shit.
  9. Lol nice man, CEV's are the shiiieeeet, only had them twice :(

    Exo got hacked and it's a troll on his account btw...

  10. yeah they were some wild shit. lol and i noticed haha

  11. :eek::eek::smoke:

    drooling with jealousy
  12. Bomb looking bud man. Did you enjoy smoking it?

    Cause thats all the matters! :smoke:

  13. well that first experience was a bit gnarly lol, been puffin on my bub today oh man its great :D
  14. Yeah sounded a little overwhelming. But hey we've all been there.

    Happy tokin!:D

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