Craziest Beer Pong Game Ever(story)

Discussion in 'General' started by ROY G BIV, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Ok so last night we picked up a couple cases and went to my friends house and we were playing beer pong and the craziest game of my life happened. it was me and my friend matt aganist these other two guys and we were getting our asses kicked. we were down to our last cup and we still had 5 to go (we were playing 6 cup 2 beers) and me and matt were completely off our game, we couldnt hit anything. this is when things get crazy. mike takes his shot, and then he tried to take jacks ping pong ball and shoot for him, they were like messing around mostly and hten mike tries to be a hero and takes a fadeaway shot that was completely off. while they were like 5 feet from the table i quickly bounced my ball and it went into the first cup (we play bounce are worth 2 cups) and they flipped out. jack put his hand in to move the cup away and then matt bounced his ping pong ball off of jacks hand into the cup, which if you shoot into a cup thats already been made and still has beer left in it, its game over. (i know it doesnt sound as exciting over a internet forum, its more of one of those things that you would freak out if you were there.) also mike and jack had been dominating the table for the past 3 games and it felt like we just conquered the tyrants. me and matt went on winning the rest of our games until we ran out of beer. needless to say last night was one hell of a night

    too long didnt read - we were down with 1 cup left aganist 5, we both bounced it in the same cup to win it.

    anybody else have some crazy beer pong stories?
  2. sounds like a good time. my room mates brew their own beer, and we've got a table setup out back. Lots of good times fo sho!
  3. I was playin some beer pong last night and it was... interesting. We lost but that's not the interesting part. I was outside smokin hookah and I walked back inside and the beer pong turned into strip beer pong! :D
    There was 3 fiine ass girls who only had bras and g strings on, and one of them took off her bra. It was definitely one of the best beer pong games I've ever watched...

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