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Cravings (stoned rant)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Im stoned right now and still have a few hits but i have a craving to smoke out of a joint any body else ever feel like they really wanna smoke out something really bad but cant... so stoned...
  2. Yeah fo sho like I wanna smoke out of a Raydiator right now, but I got my bong. It's nice. But I really wanna try the Raydiator pipe.
  3. i am craving taco bell.
  4. im stoned right now, and im craving some water... not more weed..
  5. i crave weed if i'm not high enough. like right now!! i'm waiting for hubby to finish studying so we can get ripped. i've only had one joint today, and i can almost taste it, i want a toke so bad. stupid honor system....:D
  6. milk. the fuckers finnished it while i was asleep. i need milk damnit!

    cravings for tobacco have started up again since i've been tokin tobacco laden joints. not good.

    i havnt been craving Dr Pepper for a while now.
  7. Dude you always have to have some milk, brb, going to start a milk pole on general. later, p e a c e
  8. i crave donuts, and weed. i have no weed and i want some bad. some krispy kremes would be nice too
  9. I crave weed at the moment:) then had I weed, I would crave a nice glass piece to smoke it out of.
  10. i'm still craving taco bell.
  11. Im craving some weed ....i havnt been able to get much since i started college, but i think i found a pretty reliable source finally...just a matter of getting money now. Usually every night i REALLY crave smokin bud ...its not so bad in the morning but at night it kicks in. During the summer all i did was smoke every two days with my best friend and go to the beach. Now that i am in college i have a lot of hardcore studying to do and i only get to smoke every other's good and it's bad at the same time. My tolerance has gone down so much, that i get the best highs ever off a few hits of good bud. Its bad in the sense that i crave it so badly. I have a macroeconomics test tonight at 8 and after i plan to smoke out with some good friends of mine...i have been looking foward to this all week.
  12. I don't have any bud right now... my dealer left town on a trip to BC. But in 3 weeks I'm going to visit family on the beach. The folks I'm visiting have 3 plants and oz.s of great bud, so I'm phsyced. I've been craving a nice joint though...
  13. im craving peanut butter
    and some nachos
    funions dipped in the nacho cheese

    some mountain dew
    and i have lots of weed so im not craving that
    im sooooo stoned right now

    im not trying to rub it n or n e thing

    i want some chocolate
  14. got my krispy kremes..... but wheres the weed?
  15. im craving some weed right now and even worse a Gas Mask.. i want one so bad now.. like... so bad...
  16. im cool :) for now

    last week i was craving, but i finally got up. the whole week of having no bud chilled me out though, that was a good benifit. now i only smoke in the evening instead of all day. looks like i havent even dented my bag yet! i do want some sour skittles though...:)
  17. I'm haveing a really bad craveing for weed right now...I quit almost a week ago,(cuz someone at school started narking ppl off and now 6 ppl have been caught and its rumered that the police have seized 8 ounces of weed, and this is all in the school) also because my g/f found out I smoke and she dosen't like the herb very much....Its sucks not being able to smoke anymore...going from smoking a 1/4 a week to nothin is hard...I wonder who said the herb is not addictive....But i don't want to start an argument so i'll change that, I now believe the high of pot is addictive but not the plant itself
  18. your sperms in the gutter your loves in the sink
  19. i really want some fuckin taco bell.
    "I'm haveing a really bad craveing for weed right now...I quit almost a week ago"
    oh my god a whole almost a week ago, how ever will you survive...
    sorry to sound bitter but it's been some 5 months for me and i quit against my will. quittin for your girlfriend though? bwahaha... that's all i'll say.
    but yeahyeah. craving weed. and taco bell.
  20. quit the gurl :)

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