Cravings and Recovery

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  1. Hey guys! I am wanting some feedback from you all on some cravings and really bad feelings that I'm having about weed in general. 
    First things first: I fell in love with the herb, everything about it. I love the science behind it, the culture behind it, I love smoking it, I love looking at it, learning about it, feeling it, smelling it. I fell in love with it during a time that I went into a big depression and a lot of loneliness
    This was three months ago. I smoked a few times a week to help with the pain. Eventually it turned into an everyday thing, I got my card and some goooood chronic here in Nevada.
    I started to have feelings of dependance on it occasionally but not much.
    After smoking .3gs per night for 14 days straight I ended up with a super foggy head, a hard time articulating, my depression got worse because I couldn't live in the moment with a foggy head.
    So I decided to stop smoking a week ago.
     I have been having horrible withdrawal symptoms along with the anxiety and depression that I am currently experiencing. I crave weed pretty badly, I have had bad anxiety, anger, and agitation, almost to the point that I want to hurt myself.
    I am coming out of the cravings pretty well, I have a bunch of weed but I don't smoke it. 
    What I want to know: am I going to be able to go back to enjoying weed a couple or few times a week like I used to? Have you guys had this experience? I love it so much and don't want it out of my life completely, I love to smoke a joint and float and be happy for a while. 
    I would love personal testimony or feedback, thanks! :)

  2. Don't use cannabis as a crutch... if you use it to eat, sleep, get up in the morning, get to work, while working and everything in between you are going to have a very hard time quitting.  cannabis isn't physically addicting. which means you don't have withdrawal symptoms. you will get the I am not hungry and the I am not sleepy, but this isn't anything like alcohol addiction or even tobacco for that matter. 
         my advice would be to stop smoking for a month or so and work on a social life, or work on what ever has you so down. everyone gets depressed for one reason or another! cannabis "can" make this worse, you might start to feel burnt out on life and become a recluse but don't worry this goes away.
    good way to avoid the burn out is get plenty of exercise, good food, and plenty of rest.  
    I find depression hits me the hardest when I don't have any goals to work at. when I sit home every night and feel like shit because I am gaining weight and doing nothing but smoking I get pretty down. but let me tell you!!! cannabis and exercise is like the best thing in the world. get stoned and put some good music on and go run a lap. I bet you will feel great after.
  3. Get yourself moving! Exercise releases anandamide, your body's own version of THC! This will reduce your cravings! :hello:
    Aerobic Exercise Training Reduces Cannabis Craving and Use in Non-Treatment Seeking Cannabis-Dependent Adults         (full – 2011)
    Cure for the Munchies? Exercise Cuts Marijuana Cravings       (news – 2011)
    Exercise can reduce cannabis use in persons who don't want to stop        (news – 2011)
    Get enough sleep!
    Poor Sleep Quality Makes It Harder To Quit Marijuana - Here's Why    (news – 2013)

    Check this out for a bit more help-
    Potential Role of N-Acetylcysteine in the Management of Substance Use Disorders.
    (full – 2014)
    Supplement Helps Teens Kick Pot Habit        (news – 2012)
    You can find N-Acetylcysteine at Puritan's Pride Vitamins, or drug stores.
    And this has useful tips-
    Marijuana Tolerance Breaks” 5 Ways to Pass the Time With Ease and in Better Health
    (news – 2013) 
  4. Hey thanks Granny :)
  5. So the cravings aren't going to come back if I take a month break and decide to smoke again? Essentially my body will reset itself?
  6. If you decide to stay quit, please visit they have online meetings and support via chatroom. Good luck!

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