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craving more mj after getting high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by baconchips, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Weed to me is like a cold pepsi after a pizza. It's awesome to have but I'm not stressing over it if there isn't any around.

    Except after smoking...

    When we first started with my flatmates we used a miniscule amount (like 0.1g), watched videos for an hour and went to sleep. We named it "sleepJ", as in a very tiny joint before bed. It's funny how it has gotten out of hand and my friends always joke about it and come up with random terms.

    Nowadays, there is usually the sleepJ, then the movieJ, then the sleepJ v2, then sleepJ v3, the "landlord visits unexpectedly J", final sleepJ, final sleepJ v5000. When I mention we should smoke a "tiny sleepy sleepJ" before bed everyone just bursts out laughing because they know it's gonna be a giant joint followed by 20 more until someone greens out.

    I never smoke if I have to get stuff done at night or the next morning or whatever, so it doesn't interfere with my life at all. It's just that I can't stop smoking once I light up and it wastes my money and my weed. Anybody else experience the same lol?
  2. Can't say I completely had that, but I understand that you HAVE to be high to sleep, I normally vape around 8:30-9 until I'm stoned and once the parents are asleep (They know I smoke and don't care since I'm an adult, but I still don't want them to smell it.) I pull out my bong. If I'm watching Sons of Anarchy or something for a long time and my high wears off, I have to smoke again before I sleep.
  3. Been smoking for 5 years. Still get high as tits from .3g
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  4. Sounds like you're smoking some weak ass shit. I went through a phase where I would smoke 5-10 grams a day but it was because I wanted to get high, not because I needed to and I grow so it costs me very little but even after 10+ years of smoking I can still get high off a few snaps or a fat dab. As you get older the "ritualism" and excessive smoking start to seem silly not to mention seriously cut into free time and funds which could be/have to be used to invest in your future and maintain a home/family.

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