crashing aliens

Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. ok....just a thought,,, I think the reason we have crashing aliens in the dessert is they think from outterspa ce it looked like a body of water. and they went for the water for the softer impsct and decided that they could afford to be a little sloppy in the landing, since it water just water.. n BoOOM dead aliens and gov't conspiracy.
  2. why would dirt look like water from space?
  3. and why would aliens smart enough to acheive space flight (and not only space flight but supposedly intergalactic / trans solar system space flight), be so stupid as to crash into our planet?

    a rethink on this one is required.

    try smoking more or less (the inverse) than u were when u came up with that.
  4. whoa...this is new to me..but anyway HAPPY 4.20!!!!
    so yeah..what if thats what water looks like in their planet...and have no matches...lost aliens who need a placed to land fast quick? dunno...hittin my bong while trying to repack my bowl :smoke:
  5. wow!

    hadnt noticed!

  6. two things:

    Water looks like water:

    / \
    H H

    If it's not that it ain't water. Hence how can water look different?

    Number two: IF they had come from somewehre without an atmosphere then it's possible that they might get fucked because of re entry because of heat....

    BUT GRAVITY? Gravity is not something unique to earth- how did you come up with that one?
  7. jesus...... all I can say is damn..
  8. seriously...
    if alien crafts are crashing onto the surface of our planet its because they were piloted by humans.

    if not, its because they been somehow shot down by our military.

    or maybe it's intentional to fuck with our heads.

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