Discussion in 'General' started by THC101, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. last night me and 4 othe bubbdies were all drunk off some beer and his mom said uf we wanted to stay the night, then be there at 9pm.everyone except 'M' wanted to go get a sackso everyone except him leaves and we get halfway to our destination and his mom calls and says to come back..we get there and his mom tries to say we cant stay the night, so we start walking off and M follows us, she says if he leaves shes gonna call the cops.i start thinkin all drunk'i aint goin back!!" and ran fast ahead of everyone and i got around the corner and beefed pretty damn hard, my palm hit either a jagged rock or some glass cuz i had this dirty ass cut with gravel in it.
    its like an inch deep and 1.5 inches long. and it hurts like a bitch. i just needed to vent my drunken stupidity. sorry if there are alot of typos, i cant even type with my right hand
  2. ....i feel ya man... last night was drinking some jd.... almomst fell down a cliff- like thing 3x.... though ..:D....
  3. Beer is the only thing that gets me drunk enough to do really stupid shit. Hard Alcohol for me is so easy to handle.
  4. ;)... im not a big 'drinking' guy... ..any amount large enouhg of alcohl will get me shit faced... ..i havethe tolerance of a drunk highschool cheerleader when it comes to drinking ..;)...

    ...guess pot's made me feminen after all :D...
  5. Last time I was really wasted I walked into Tree. I had my hands in front of me, but i practically impaled my hand on a broken branch. Its no fun.
  6. The only time I do stupid stuff while drinking is with Tequila and then I get angry and start fights, Last time I yelled at a tree and spent the night in the drunk tank
  7. Im not a drinking man myself. First time I get seriously drunk, I almost killed myself, and a freind. One of the worst nights of my life.

    Guess thats what a bottle of Bacardi Limon and a bottle of Kaluah do to you. :|
  8. now.has any of this shit happend to someone who just smoked a blunt or 5? NO, never.

    i wish people would get a fuckin grip and make this great plant pisses me off real bad..

    FUCK OFF government officials
    FUCK OFF skitzophrenics
    FUCK OFF george monkeyass bush
    FUCK OFF crashing and burning
    FUCK OFF under aged drinking
  9. Amen, THC! AMEN! :D

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