Crashed car

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by naturalbrnkilla, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. So... the other day my friends and i were going down to a bush spot to have a sesh..i drove there in my car and once we were there everyone got out and stood near the path. One of my friends got in the driver seat and the keys were left in there and he drove off... I was yelling out for him to stop as he doesnt have his licence and can barely drive. He went down the other end of the road ( a dirt road) and tried to drive back fast and drove straight into the bush.

    All in all it equaled up to $2000 worth of damage. His parents aren't going to pay for it so now my dad is going to tell the police and hopefully my car gets fixed somehow. Anyways i had a big fat cone after all this and it was great :)
  2. So wait.. you let some kid do 2000$ worth of damage to your car and he and his family refuse to pay? My friend...


    But anyways, that's another situation that could have been avoided if you used common sense.


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