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  1. I guess I'm what you'd call a legacy fan?
    I've played through the original PS1 CTR no less than 6 times in its entirety.
    The (now) wife and I had epic battles that lasted literally HOURS because we both got so good at it.
    I've revisited the game several times, enjoyed it every. damn. time.

    When I heard this was coming out, fucking dream come true...if anything needed an update/remake it would be this see the "old" levels made new similar to what they did with the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is what I was looking forward to the well as basically the main reason we got it for?
    Playing the Battle mode again. Not online, but with each other.

    So's the good stuff:

    It looks amazing. Really, really nice.
    The controls are mapped the same way they used to be (this was of major importance)
    The vehicles move around a little bit faster than they did, but still handle well.
    The maps look fine, the secrets are still where they were etc.
    Overall, a very nice recreation of the look and for the better part, feel of the game.

    Though...I have to say I'm disappointed...why?

    The little things;
    *The voices/lines of the characters have changed. I don't know if it's a rights thing or what...of course I don't mind that the music and effects have been updated...but I'd have liked for the voices in the game to have have remained the same.
    *The physics/weight of the vehicles...not by much...but...there's a difference that's noticeable.
    *The jump doesn't feel quite as responsive.

    Here's the big thing - The difficulty setting/s.

    I'm not an amazing gamer.
    Though if I am enjoying a game I'll see it through to the end, and have what it takes to get it done.
    One thing I don't do?
    I'm not a member of the EASY club...never have been.
    I have played through the original CTR on PS1, as I mentioned above quite a few times.
    It was never an "easy" game, if you ask me, they nailed the level of challenge...and of course, there were many levels you'd have to try again throughout - this, I am used to.

    So I turn this thing on.
    The wife and I said we'd play through the single player game as per usual together, before we get into all the battle stuff.
    Went with "classic" mode first, a mode that says you'll be able to play the game "like" it was.
    I figured there'd be a little rust to shake off...but the carts feel good, notice a bit of a speed increase, sure, that's a fair enough change...wasn't really needed, but hey.
    First race. Cool. Got the hang and the feel of it...came close, but I won.
    Second race? (Roo's Tubes?)
    Nope. Nope. Nope. Denied. No no no.
    I played it 5 times.
    Got close. But not first.
    5 times.
    I never had, not once, this much trouble with CTR.
    The difficulty had definitely rocketed up from the original game.
    Bit insulting that this was the "classic" version...meant to it was? No.

    Tried the "nitro fueled" mode, which from what I gather just has more customisation and things to unlock etc...thought maybe this would be a more level experience.

    Same shit. Second level. Both myself and wife. Both CTR veterans. Neither of us could beat the second race...after numerous attempts.
    At this point I'm just pissed off at the fucking I took the bullet, I went into EASY mode.
    Fucking EASY mode.

    Guess what? It's a more comparable experience to the original...though the one thing that's annoying about that it's now, a little TOO easy.
    So the only way I can succeed in this game right now and play something kind of resembling the game I once knew, is fucking EASY mode.

    I've looked it up.
    Not the only person to have the same complaints.
    Hard is impossible. Medium is too difficult. Easy is ok, but too easy.

    It's like they've fucked the difficulty tier up.
    I'd think that the original CTR would sit somewhere between "easy", and "normal".

    ...even though I largely only got this to fuck around with battle mode with the wife and maybe online with a friend or two...I can't help but feel like, a little ?disrespected? by this.
    I loved the original CTR, every element of it...for years...never liked the sequels, always went back to the original and still consider it one of the greatest cart racing games there has ever been.
    ...and, I just don't love this version...
    Right now, honestly, I'd be happier firing up my old PS1 and playing it on that.

    That said, have yet to try battle mode.
    I might just wait a while and grab someones save file so everything's unlocked, because I gotta say I've kind of lost the initiative to bother with the single player stuff at all...I can get through easy, but you feel completely cheated doing it.

    ...I'm all for remakes, and I looked forward to this more than any other...but yeah, I think they've done a good job on some things here, but completely fucked up on others.

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  2. I think the game came out great. I got used to the physics of the game once more. Tons of free content and season pass? Hell yes, worth it. Season 2 of the Grand Prix starts today. Cant wait to get the baby versions of the gang!

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