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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sToNeDsUrFeR, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. my life is turning to crap. i dont know whether to turn to drugs and smoke my way out of it. my parents are gunna kick me out. my girlfriend left me. and all i got is my stash and my guitar. just some one help me out please
  2. sounds like the plot to a movie
  3. u wont be able to smoke ur way out of it. it'll help pass time, but it wont really be helping you. what happened for ur parents to kick u out and ur girlfriend to leave you?
  4. you got the guitar man. play your fucking heart out. write some songs, and just plllllaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!

    play till your blistered fingers bleed.

    then all will be solved.

  5. shit man what u been smoken ??? :D
  6. Bad times pass, your lucky to be alive, just live with it, get high and get thru it, all you have is your life, do you really want to risk not even knowing you exsisted?

    think how lucky u are in every other respect, ok, if u live in any powerful contry your incredibly lucky. nothing can suck. everything is an experiance for us before we die, if u can truly see things that way, nothing ever seems bad.
  7. thanks bro that help put things into perspective for me.

  8. ya maybe youll be vistied by jim morrison and a tall naked indian in the desert. :D

    good and bad times come and go. same with people.
    you will always have mary jane. i say toke on, things will get better real soon. dont let hing s get you down. jsut dont try and smoke yourself out of it. you will probably end up getting depresed and be in worse spot than you are now.
  9. Play the fuckin 6 string til you cant lift up your hands. Music and bud, doesnt sound too bad to me man. Everything will be alright, chin up

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