Crapware with SDKs -.-

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  1. Many of you are familiar with crapware like toolbars and ad-injectors that come with many software.
    It seems Oracle has begun this shit with their Java binaries. I just got an update for my JRE, which then brought up the standard install wizard, and I nearly clicked through without looking. One of the pages asks me to install the Ask toolbar, with the checkbox checked by default. The same thing occurred when updating NetBeans.
    This is not only shitty, but also dumb, since devs will most certainly never install this shit, so why include it with SDKs? Also, why would Oracle need to do this kind of stuff? I thought they're rich enough as it is :|

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    Companies that do anything for profit are never "rich enough". If they cared about the integrity of the product and the convenience of the consumer/devs it'd be open source or free. Not full of bullshit programs or add-ons that are packaged just so that they see the light of day.
  3. But this is a company responsible for maintaining a prominently used programming language. Fuck rich people :(

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