Craptacular to the max...

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. This movie was so absolutely disappointing...what movie you ask? The Ring! I was so psyched to see this movie b/c everone I know who saw it has been telling me that it was so scary...well guess what? It's wasn't! Not at all...lame and boring :mad:

  2. never seen it but I like the word
  3. Yeah, this movie really sucked balls, and not in the good way

    I was so bored after the movie I had to buy a fucking gram.....Hempress knows b/c she smoking it with me :D

  5. why does my ear hurt so?
  6. I would have said 'cream of the crap'
  7. watch The Signs, the first time i saw it was extremely baked and it was on a 61" tv with 8 speaker surround was more than a was an experience :D
  8. if i ever see the ring itll be the original japanese version..

    dont settle for some shitty overhyped remake of the real thing and then say it wasnt scary ;)

  9. lol...thanks,,,..,peacces....mRrscv
  10. good sex makes for a good day.
  11. i was blown out when i saw the ring and i thought it was awesome, i like movies that mess with you

  12. aw MAN!
    i miss all those good days!

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