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crappy things that happened while high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bongmitzvah, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Ever had a session where just something went wrong. it sucks. It could be anything from a broken x box controller to losing a pipe, anything that sucked
  2. Someone stole my most precious bowl.
    It sucked.
  3. I hate when watching a basketball game high and people screaming as loud as they can when something happens that really doesn't have much impact on the game..
  4. yeah that does suck. i hate when no one can agree on music
  5. the crappiest was when we didn't even get to start the session because two bitches ran off with my weed and piece...
  6. Loosing a grinder with two kings worth of weed
  7. Last night my boyfriend and i were pulling g's. We were approaching the end of our smoking session and I thought i heard my cat meowing so I went to get up kinda quick, and I knocked the fucker over.....

    Ugh, even thinking about it now pisses me off.

    Thats, not even the worst part.

    As I was cleaning up the bong watery mess, I managed to knock my drink over onto the EXACT same spot I had just finished cleaning.

    Last night was not my night.:p

    Things can only get better.
  8. well I broke my first ever bong and ended up almost getting stiches when the I tried grabbing it mid fall and the glass shattered shooting glass shards everywhere
  9. i was riding and ripping just enjoying the nice weather with the windows down... as i was going to load another bowl the rest of my sack flew out the window onto the interstate :(.. it was a major downer
  10. Luckily ive never broken a piece yet. I have set out about 2 grams of some high mids out on my desk, left the house for a bit and came back ready to smoke it, only to see it gone. My mom threw it in the garbage can right before garbage came to pick it up...I was PISSED.
  11. Broke my bowl on 420. :( It wasn't all bad though, I was cleaning it w/ a knife, was scrapping the bowl too hard and broke the hole in the bowl, quadrupling in size. Just ripped off a small square on my window screen and used that as a screen, still that what a bad day to break a piece.
  12. On 4/20, a lot of smoking was going down in my dorm room. I was using a grav bong at the time (lots of people smoking and it uses less weed), and my roommate's desk is right in front of the window, so we put it on that. He's a bigger smoker than I am, so he didn't have a problem with it, but while he was gone to class somebody knocked over the pitcher we were using, spilling yellowish bong water with little burnt specks of weed all over my roommate's desk. We cleaned it up fast, so none of his homework was ruined, and the water didn't reach his mac book. But the room smelled awful. My roommate never found out, but it still sucked.

  13. My GB water has never shouldnt I would think, the smoke and everything isnt being filtered through the water, its just on top of it.
  14. The first time I smoked I got caught by the cops and the most recent smoke I got hounded by a bunch of power trip pigs. Shit sucks! :mad:
  15. i was high and layin one my friends couch and my first piep rolled off my chest and broke on his hardwood floors

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