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crappy NC reggie.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by blazincaucasian, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. got this stuff for $10 an eighth. Its just some seedy reg, not schwag though, dosent taste that bad.


  2. Dude. it looks like there is some black in there.
  3. maybe it's just the picture quality but it kinda looks like some schwag bro
  4. ha no, its just the pic i guess. it just gets really dark green

    EDIT its just the pic, its reggie. I wish I had a better camera.
  5. what is that:confused:
  6. I'd smoke it. Looks like a straight 8th, too.
  7. Yep, My boy gets that shit all the time. It's definitely Mexican brick weed. Odd apple/buttery smell, lot of flat seeds, he says it gets him high.
  8. regs, shwag,mids
    all the same thing

    if your lucky its green..
  9. dude i smoked this shit for so long bc it was so hard to find the will get you high if you smoke like a blunt of it....but beware of the headaches!
  10. Hell, for ten an eighth you should just buy an o and bake all of it into some edibles. Good use for cheap weed.
  11. the pics dont really show it well. its just reggie, not schwag but nothing special
  12. I live in NC and get some pretty decent reggie. What part do u live in?
  13. dude it is prolly the cam put when i first saw it i thought it was black lol but yea buy an o and make some edibles bro

  14. Charlotte
  15. black or green, im sure youll get a good buzz off it. probably a headache too but that beats a hangover anyday. enjoy.:smoke:
  16. That looks bout right for 10 dollars an 8th :p
  17. town is as dry as the dessert right now.its even hard to find reggie

  18. [​IMG]
  19. okay so if that is just regular, or "reggie" to you, then what in gods name could your shwagg possibly look like?

    i'm not hating at all man, we get good green and red hair shwag here for 30-40 an ounce because we are right by the border. but that is with out a doubt, shwag.

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