crappy grow box. help

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  1. Well ive never ever been much of a handyman, as you can see. Im just seeing if my box is ok to grow in, despite the crappy look and craftman ship. its lightproof, and will have 4 cpf, i still dont know where the most effective place to put the lights are though. I know the box is small, but i dont mind getting a small harvest. It is my first grow, so my expectations are low. Any tips on how to make my box better would be very helpful

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  2. what are the dimensions on that?
  3. uhhmmm like 60cm X 50cm... quite a tiny fella
  4. take the aluminum foil down. go buy some flat white paint and some caulk. seal it then paint it. plus remember something. right now you are just learning on your first grow. but as they grow you are going to want them to suceed. and you will still be dissapointed if it does not work, so if you have the means. go out and buy some quality materials and design something nice. you will thank yourself when you are smokin all that yummy bud

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