Crap! My bowl :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mdredsen, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Ohhh no. I was walking up my front porch across the street bout high as hell with my bowl in my jacket...considering I had no pockets...And a light bulb went off in my head, and I then thought to myself "dang, maybe it's gonna fall out so I should hold it!" ding ding ding... and then it fell and shattered into a million pieces.. Haha.
    So needless to say I'm pissed and upset. :mad: It was my first bowl (mom gave me a couple of hers a while ago so I mainly used them until I bought one) and it was cool as hell. haha If this doesn't make any sense it's coz I'm high and distracted with food:smoking:...
    RIP bowl =(

    Similar experiences? (Sure there's a lot of these)
  2. Oh I have broken many many glass bowls :( it sucks
  3. Glass always breaks. Always. They last a few years if you take pristine care of them. Fuuck that, I'm always droppin shit while high.

    Always sucks, too. I always get attached to my glass.
  4. Bought myself a nice spoon right before Christmas break started of 08. First day with it at home it had an untimely meeting with the concrete.
  5. one time i picked up 1/2oz and a chillum the same day. the chillum was used, completely filled with resin. after the weed was gone, i scraped a decent sized ball of resin and smoked it through the chillum while sitting on a concrete floor. anyone who's smoked resin knows that the piece you use gets fuckin hot, and it got so hot i stopped smoking because it was burning my fingers. so dumbass me set the chillum bowl down on the cold concrete. caused the bowl to break in half. that was a sad day, i was on the phone with a friend but was too fucking stoned to get upset right then.
  6. This is why i made my first bong and acrylic :)
  7. thats how i am. its like once you use a piece for awhile, and it gets a name, it also gets a soul. and then the inevitable happens, and it crushes you.

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