crap i think i put too much Miracle grow in

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by karo1229, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. hey all

    how much Miracle grow do you normally put in the soil of your plants?

    I put quater of te scoop in to 1 lt bottel. then i freaked and tried to flush it out of the soil with water is that ok to do???

  2. Hi!
    How old are you plants? If they are very young, the m-g was a big mistake.
    Discribe your flushing method,i.e. how much water/unit of soil and how the water was distributed.
    Watch for curling leaf tips (overfert'd) or browing tips (poss. overwater!) Makesure the pots don't eversit in even a smallamount of runoff.

    good growing. I'm your friendly local earthgirl
  3. My plants are a few months old now..
    Well i put about 3lts of water on them after i put too much m-g on them, te soil i am using has very good drainage.
    If the leaves do curl ect, what can i do? i dont want them to die as one is nearly finnished budding..

    i hope the m-g wont affect the buds???

    Thanks for your help Earth girl

  4. Have you ever ferted them before?
    How long has the Flowering One been maturing? What is your lighting set up and schedual? Why is only one flowering? Which m-g did you use (high N or high P)?
    If the plants are mature, you probably did them no harm, but if the leaf tips start to coil, flush them again. If the leaf tips start dying, or the leaves start to look limp, over water and root rot are the culprits.
    When ever you water, thouroughly aerate it by vigourous shaking. Lack of O2 is what mainly kills overwatered plants. Between waterings, especially with mature plants, the soil should get very, very dry. This allows O2 into the root ball.
    Keep on Keepin' on! Your friendly neighborhood earth girl
  5. As an aside, stop fertilizing (particularly with nasty chem ferts like CorporateGrow) a good few weeks before you harvest.

    Don't want to smoke it do we.

    It's not a heinous thing but worth noting for your furture grows.


    Good luck and good growing.
  6. Use a quater of what the label suggests and mix in a Gallon of water not one liter
  7. Greenbudz-

    Hey, whats a gallon? in lts? also which do you follow to find out how much M-grow? as there are different instructions for different plants? what type of plant is marajuana?


    cheers man didnt know that..

    Earth girl,

    Yes i have ferted them before when they were little, and once when they were a few weeks old.. well only one of my plants is flowering well i wouldnt have a clue, there outdoor plants, te one thats not flowering looks to be much heilther then the othe?

    There both female, not too sure wich m-grow i used... just the everyday one you by from coles(Food store)

    well so far the plants are still looking ok,

    Thanks for all your help. and more suggestions are more then welcome about tis topic, as i would like to learn as much as possible..

    also how do i harvest with out killing the whole plant? can i just chop the buds of with a sharp knife? is there any better way that i can try?

  8. unfortunately i have to use good old corporate i'd give to get some Schultz over here! can be used and very well......the blooming fert i use is miricle grow 15-30-15, and the box gives you a cup in has 2 sides, one with a 1.25ml cup and the other one is so big it's for ferting fir trees i add 4x1.25 into a 2 litre bottle of distilled water, and add a little at a time and slowly increase from there...............but if you can get a better fert then use grow i'm gonna mix up some hydroponics of holland for the flower fert, but it's a pain in the ass as it's so concentrated........for a 2 litre bottle using this stuff you add like 0.5ml grow.....1.0ml of bloom and 0.5ml of's like working in drops..........just need to give it a bash though............Peace out........Sid
  9. Miracle gro does have it's place, especially with those completely new to gardening. I found Miracid a big help when I was having pH problems with my hard water. The big secret, which everyone should know, is that less is better.
    BTW young plants shouldn't need ferts until the little cotyledon pad like leaves have begun to yellow or shrivel. They are similar to the yoke of an egg. Baby plant food.

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