crap. I think I jus got caught again

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  1. My mom caught me smokn weed not 2 long ago be let's jus say that wasn't a good thing. Anywhoo I'm jus smoked a few bowls n my room b4 I went 2 sleep be my aunt jus came n my room n jus opened the door then closed it.I'm like WTF? Y would she jus get outta bed n look n my room? I hope she doesn't tell my mom. :(
  2. sorry type on a new phone. All the *Be's r supposed 2 b n's.

  3. ...what? :p
  4. if you're smoking in your room, you're kinda asking to be caught. i'm not saying its not possible to smoke in your room without being caught, but the risk is much much higher.
  5. how about this. if your parents aren't down with you smoking mj in their house (especially with relatives like your aunt there) regardless of their reasoning, then I think as a house rule, you should follow it. especially if you would like to continue living there.

    someday when you are working and able to pay for your own place, then you get to make the rules as the master of your domain. until then, respect the house rules like a good minion.;)

    have a little more respect for the parentals that clothes, feed and shelter you. he who payeth the bills maketh the rules.

  6. Ure right. That was dumb I should respect my mom more.
  7. dude

    you rule

    +rep for having an open mind and seeing the error of your ways.

    i just moved back home with my parents, similar situation, and its been hard but on the bright side I'm a bit fitter for all my "walks"
  8. for me its much better off in room... my door got a lock and 3 windows/4 fans.. it airs out instantly and all i gotta do is spray shit and maybe leave a half burnt inscents stcik lyin around for in case they come in

    and for you bro i dont think shes of smelled it by just opening the door... she prolly saw u asleep and left.... shes have to walk in.... and next timw open the damn windowns get a fan and spray some axe
    not hard at all

  9. Aye +rep
  10. +rep fo sho!

    i always thought sneaking hits was all part of the fun of smoking weed as a kid living at home.

    my mom let me smoke cigs in the house so it was a lot easier for me to mask the smell

    maybe try sticking your head out the window or blowing it through some dryer sheets?
    Taking walks is good too :)

    lighting incense in your room just screams "weed smoker" imo..

    gl dude.. have fun :)

  11. I agree. I think its very mature of you to consider your parents.. Unlike most people who would just say fuck it.

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