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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RedEyed-Punk, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. I once had a Bong, it was nice, worked well, it wasnt mine, but a friends, they let me borrow it, So i toked with it a few times, until one night i was smoking in my room, when my dad tried to get in, luckily the door was locked. I about crapped my brains out, so i threw it in my little attic. I opened the door and he barged in, saying he smelled the good ol MJ , luckily i had some incence burning, but i was blow, he looked in my attic and was about 4 inches from seeing the bong and my stash. but he didnt, Bye all things holy, he didnt. he left thankfully, but also destoyed my buzz, But i was proud, i had tricked my old man, i was so happy.
    The following mornig, as i was leaving for school he found in the car. THE END, it wasnt that bad, though. I was scared shitless the whole day, when i got home, my rents said they were worried, I GOT OFF SO EASY, i wasnt even grounded, that weekend i went and got frosted.
    Has anyone had this happen to you before?
  2. Ok you can still get grounded at 18+ man you must me some momas boy or somtin lmao funny story though!
  3. I think your dad just wants the bong for himself.
  4. This was a couple years back
    when i was under 18, and i had to obey the house rules, and crap like that
  5. i know these two twin brothers who are 19. well we were all gunna go to a movie at a really nice theatre kind of far away. so we get there and buy are tickets, then they call their mom to let them know they'll be home around midnight. and she tells them they can't see the movie and they need to come home right now. just because she didn't want them out late. how sad is that? or funny? oh well, at least i still got to see the movie.

    sorry but i didn't really understand your story. lol
  6. back when i was 16 i was sittin in my room hittin a bong,cause nobody was home and i hear a knock on my door and as i'm runnin across my room with a bong my mom opens my door and i trip and drop my bong,smoke flies out of that thing along with water spilling everywhere,my mom takes my bong and says my room stinking like bong water is enough punishment and just laughs
  7. man... i live with my parents, and i dont think i've EVER smoked in my room... gotta do it someday... but now, i'd rather do it in my little rec room which is in the loft... got surround sound speakers set up from xmas.... with my bean bag chair (another xmas gift) right in the middle.

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