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  1. Chill...
    So, here's my chiller I built.
    5k btu AC on clearance: $60
    Cooler: $15 Walmart
    Some temperature controllers off eBay: $20 each
    200 gph pumps: $9 at Harbor Freight 
    Plastic ammo box: $5
    3 Outlets: a few $ at the hardware store
    A couple 50' coils stainless tubing off eBay: $70
    Misc. tubing, wiring, relays, and crap that I have laying around.
    Didn't document the build, but basically cut the front of the AC off and covered the opening with a piece of white board, after positioning the evap core in the manner that it would fit in the cooler. Hooked the AC up to a temp controller. It keeps the water between 35 - 45 F.
    The temp controllers in the ammo box control the pumps in the cooler.
    A pump for the flowering res (nothing in the flower system yet)
    flower coil.jpg
    One for the veg res (currently being kept at ~65F +/- 1 degree F)
    veg coil.jpg
    One that will be connected to a small heater core and fan assembly to aid in cooling the flower room.
    No pic, but will be similar to the larger one I've built for the foyer area (so to speak) of my room, using a heater core from a Mack truck, the bottom of a plastic tool box, a couple 110v case fans, and a speed controller. 
    I keep the pH above 7 and put a little bleach in once a week or so.
    Change out the water every couple months.
    I like building/re-purposing things. Plus, I'm a cheap bastard... 
    Little luck7's are doing their thing, as well as all the new moms.

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    That is fucking amazing mate. Do you spray for a living? It looks like a professional job 
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    That is the bollocks mate, fair play, I'm impressed
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  4. Thanks Gold!
    While I'm formally educated in automotive maintenance, I bid on and was awarded a painter position about 9 years ago.
    I guess I'm a professional now. [​IMG]
    I've done lots of different jobs throughout my 48 years of life...
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  5. A little back-history...
    crankz, crankz is from the 90's when I owned and operated a machine shop grinding, you guessed it... crankshafts. [​IMG]
    Along with playing grease monkey for various shops and engine rebuilders, I've also been an electromechanic working for a major city's mass transit light rail train system.
    For the last 11 years, I've been a Federal employee. However, my salary does not come from tax dollars.
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    Ah,not all makes since now, im thankful itwasn't because of other things,lol. Crankz! We have semi-same life, you got a couple years on me though friend, I'm 32.. I was a diesel mechanic for 13 years.. last couple years trying the whole what's life about thing,lol.. Here to there, to where I am.. I also have 3 awesome kids man! Your set up it really on point sir, you really have some diy skills man! I really give you props brother!
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    Well, I've done my fair share of random drugs too. Crank included... But no, that's not related to my screen name.
    Anymore, it just trees. I'll drink a little when I get together with buddies for jam sessions, but not a regular drinker anymore either.
    Edit: Never any needles though! Fuck that shit!
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  8. Lol, no no brother man! I meant like cranking one out bro! Everyone has had some kind of like bro, that's for sure. I'm a firm believer(now,lol), of if it grows it's prolly good..
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  9. Oh, I crank em out alright!
    I get paid well! 
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  10. Speaking of the 90's
    Throwback Thursday 
    I got a boy too, but I hadn't squirted him out yet...
  11. Funny bro! My oldest 2 are girls my youngest, is a boy! Great looking family sir!
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  12. Here's the squirt...
    This is about 10 years ago
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    Or Icehouse...
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  14. Subbed 😃
  15. my husband loop told me about this I soo wish I could make these for my children I'm definitely going to look into it now
  16. You are looking at thousands of dollars in those pictures...
    Welcome to my crazy corner of the city, Bladette! 
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  17. if you really wanna build.
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  18. holy lord I'm thinking not for thousands lol mainly want them for our 10 yr old she's played before just seemed to be a natural and ty sir
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  19. Ah... my best advice then would be to hit up craigslist or classifieds, and get a used kit.
    Some Guitar Centers sell used gear also.
    Just do a little research before you make any purchases. Economy line kits are usually shit. Especially cymbals. 
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  20. I guess I'll do a room update.
    Moved the new moms around a little. Hoped they would slow down some, being clones, but not so... Growing like weeds!
    Had an extra #6 clone. Couldn't bring myself to kill her. So, she's in that solo. Pry give her to a friend.
    Lucky7's are truckin' right along in their system.
    Flowering clones are still... well, flowering. 
    Kinda wondering if they'll be able to make it the whole way. I don't have but a few inches of hydroton in the tub. I'm sure the roots are getting to be a mess up under there...
    Anyway, as jacked up as they are, 7 and 13 are still getting juicy.
    IMG_0693.JPG   IMG_0694.JPG
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